Weekend Blog: June 6, 2021: Doing the catch-up chores

Today is one of the most boring updates, and maybe in a pandemic, that is the best kind.

Today I put away the huge pile of laundry, clean, that was just thrown on the floor. It is all put away and any rewashing done. This took forever, but it is now done. I did four loads, and I will start another soon. This is for the laundry generated over the weekend.

I also did all the dishes and made myself breakfast of poached eggs on toast. I poach the eggs with just a bit of vinegar and salt in the water. I then put them on plain toast with some nice local salt, Jacobsen Salt Company, and a few drops of Tabasco. Perfect!

I then did all those dishes.

Susie was up, and I made her breakfast-lunch of yogurt and cereal, her goto. I drove in the cold, barely above 68F today, grayish day to the hobby shop and got some more flat Mr. Clean clear spray, some more expensive but-it-always-works Tamiya masking tape, 18mm. Plus, the model-making magazine that I dream over, Fine Scale Modeler.

It is not quite model porn, but the second page is a two-page advertisement of a five-foot sized model of the Bismark with lightning, power, and guns electronically controlled. Ready for remote control. Hmmm. The painting instructions and build overviews are what gets most of my attention, no, really.

Escaping the hobby shop for under fifty bucks, I got home and started on dinner. I made Tagine-styled chicken with preserved lemons and olives. I chop up a few onions, peel carrots, cut the carrots in chunks, chop celery, and add garlic and ginger cooked in hot butter with the onions in my dutch oven. Throw it all in with the slightly cooked onions, garlic, lemons cut up, and ginger with Tagine spices from Zamouri and chicken thighs, boneless and no skin, and stir a bit. I then put it all in for an hour, stirring at 40 mins, in the oven at 350F.

I made couscous to go under the Tagine stew.

I served that up.

I did all the dishes and washed all the pans.

My new oilcloth came today. I cleared off my work table, not that easy, and replaced the torn and worn-out vinyl cover I have had since the pandemic started. I bought a replacement to celebrate the unlocking, and the old one was worn out. It feels nice to no longer have my arms over worn-out bits. Just another task checked off my list.

As this is the weekend, I will end there.

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