Daily Blog June 7, 2021: Working Monday

I hate it when I overcook the pork chops. The chops were dried out in the oven again. I can never get this right. I made steamed coins of carrots and rice pilaf from a box—the garlic and herbs version, terrible. So dinner was a near loss. Carrots are all that was good.

I started this failure about 5ish after the last meeting I was attending was done. I spent the afternoon on some status meetings and dealing with one crisis of the moment. I skipped the project meeting today–I learned tonight by email that the main project I work on lost another VP. I think he is number three.

Before this, I had lunch at Burger King drive-thru and ate my whopper with cheese while listening to the radio and reading on my kindle more of Everyone in Their Place: The Summer of Commissario Ricciardi (The Commissario Ricciardi Mysteries Book 3). I really enjoy these books and recommend them.

I was multi-tasking all morning. The practice upgrade had reached SPDD (for those who speak SAP and BASIS), and I had many manual fixes to apply and agree to some automated fixes. It is a critical path task for an upgrade as nothing can go forward until I work out all the fixes. I record all of this in spreadsheets so we can have learnings.

So I was trying to follow along on all the status meetings while making very delicate updates. My attention to the status reporting may have suffered, but nobody asked me a question. I spent the morning fixing items.

I started at 6ish this morning and got Susie off to Zeriada’s at 9ish. Today is Susie’s weekly spa day. She had her fav, but the apples were not there when she opened her Happy Meal.

It was a hard start for me as my sleep was disturbed. I did slip in a 45 min nap this afternoon. I nodded off in my book. I still recommend it!

I managed to get a photo of the tea rose bush flowering before it was dark. This is a bush that is likely 50+ years old. The story is that the previous owner moved it from her mother’s house.

Again, I am pleased that we had a normal boring day: no smoke, murder hornets, and virus threats today.

312 people lost their lives to the virus today in the USA.

I like the Doctor Who version, but I think this will be better today: The Old Rugged Cross.


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