Daily Blog June 8, 2021: Normal Tuesday

The day started with me sleeping a bit over into 7ish. I managed to get ready in time for the first meeting at 8AM. The meetings started and ran most of the morning. I did manage to get free at 11ish to do a bit of clean-up work in the house. I then went for lunch-breakfast at the Reedville Cafe. Again, trying to be brave and have lunch out and get used to the world without lockdown.

Breakfast was good for lunch, and I felt safe the whole time there. The customers and the staff are all being safe. It is interesting to see many folks coming to lunch, mostly older folks, all masked up and happy.

Meetings started up again after lunch. I brought Susie French Toast special (with bacon) for her lunch-breakfast.

I had a few crises of the moment and one that is still running. The upgrade fell over a few times, and BASIS and I found a way forward for the breaks. I will continue to work on this upgrade this week.

More meetings and more crises of the moment. I was done about 5ish today.

Tonight I was in a church Zoom meeting on how to create a good video presentation of the worship experience and to stream the live service. We will continue to talk and try some ideas.

It is hard to bring our church back to live worship and also to keep the video. We need some mix of streaming and produced video. The sound quality seems a nearly intractable issue.

I finished Everyone in Their Place: The Summer of Commissario Ricciardi (The Commissario Ricciardi Mysteries Book 3). I strongly recommend the books in this series. This is my second time reading them, and they are still great. The setting is 1931 Fascist Italy in Naples. The Commissario sees dead people, their ghost at the moment of death with their last statement. He is driven to solve the murder as he can experience the murder. It is a wonderful mix of cops, ghosts, 1931 intrigue, and interesting characters. Again, I recommend them. 

As I wanted a break from murders, I restarted reading the wonderful book on math: e: The Story of a Number. This book walks has been a journey of remembering my math from college–it has been a long time. It covers how infinity was the key that unlocks the revolution of math we call Calculus. The story starts with the Greeks who rejected infinity as impossible to understand while inventing geometry. The story goes on as the concept of instant and tiny and tinier gives way to new thinking. I am about 2/3 through, and we are now into Calculus, and I am happy to report I have managed to remember much of this. The presentation is fun and brings together how things work and why they were discovered, and I am learning and enjoying. I likely read this or was lectured in class on all of this; Eli Maor’s book is really working for me. Need an easy and friendly math refresher on Calculus, try this.

I have been thinking about my desire to teach Calculus (or refresh it) for a small group. I am feeling a bit more confident now. We will see.

I received two copies of the reworking of their board game Midway just released. The game is from Avalanche Press and covers WW2 mid-Pacific battles for the first years of the USA and Imperial Japan. It is a naval-focused game and includes the battle for Wake Island, Pearl Habor Attack (with variants), Midway (with variants), and some battleship alternatives. I bought it (I somehow ordered two copies) as I studied this battle and its predecessor, the Battle of Coral Sea, and I was interested in seeing how this version would play.

I think it has been an interesting day, and again it feels a bit lighter as the pandemic seems less of a threat here. I pray for the rest of the world.

401 people died today in the USA from the virus.

I picked the Navy Hymn for today.

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