Daily Blog June 9, 2021: Wednesday To Eugene and back

I am home after seeing my sister, Linda, down in Eugene. She is a contracting RN nurse and is doing testing and related stuff for the NCAA events. She usually has 16 hour days, but today was a bit shorter, so we could meet for dinner.

We headed to Cafe 440, a place I have only read about on the Internet. It was a bit more basic than I expected. Despite offering standard fare, the food was perfectly executed—the nachos with pulled pork was a dream. Linda had a cob salad with bacon slices to die for. I had a small salad and ordered the chocolate chip bread pudding with chocolate chip whipped cream. A new standard, I think, for how good bread pudding can be.

The drive is one hour forty minutes plus or minus a few. I took the afternoon off to be there for an early dinner. Susie and I traveled by Air Volvo down to Eugene, and we had no events other than having to dodge some “alligators” (huge pieces of semi’s tire all over the road when the truck tire fall apart). I hit one on a trip to driving trip on the old champaign colored Volvo (“the Volvo”) years ago and did over two thousand dollars of damage (the air conditioner was partially destroyed in the old S60 Volvo as the heat exchange is near the bumper). I was glad that Air Volvo and I could avoid the huge bits of tread flying all over the highway. The trip back home was uneventful, with one pit stop for a bio-break.

Work, working just in the morning, was highlighted by a presentation that we did for SAP on the migration software we are using and co-developing with SAP. This is one of those amazing things that the pandemic has made possible. We were lead by the SAP Chief Fashion Product Officer in the UK. I was here in Aloha, Oregon. Another person, Rod, was in Portland. Our other three presenters were in India all at separate locations, including our conversion lead Archana, a Nike employee based in India. We also were doing a live demo. It all worked. Actually, the server for the demo return to working minutes before it was needed, but it was there on time! We got good marks, and the SAP folks were happy and excited by how well it went. I am so happy to help folks show the good work we have been doing.

There were meetings and a few crises of the moment, but the presentation was my focus for today and to see my sister.

A good day.

452 peopled were slain by the virus today in the USA.

I picked this rather exciting version of I Wander I Wonder.


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