Daily Blog June 10, 2021

I am drained today. I was up early, and all the driving yesterday seems to left me tired.

Afraid this will be a boring blog. Sorry!

Work was hours and hours of Zoom meetings. I am double, triple, and worst booked and have to pick the meeting I need to attend. I then multi-task and try to cover the issues that are appearing in email or text in Slack. So it is a constant push to get items done. It is odd to get issues from a meeting I cannot attend because I am in meetings about something else—the life of Nike IT.

I overslept until just after 7 but managed to make my first meetings all dressed and ready. I did take a few breaks as I am so tired it is hard to think clearly.

I also had some caregiving this morning, so that added to the chaos.

I did manage to get a break for noon and went to Wendy’s for chili. I got Susie a small one with a small frosty. I brought it home and took a breaking watching some videos on my Mac.

On this coming Sunday, all the players return to Hell for our in-person gaming. Back to Dungeon and Dragons and our campaign in Hell. We had some emails about restarting today, and it is really nice to again ask questions like, “are we 6th level.” We are all vaccinated (except Corwin, who will play the next game after getting his second shot on Friday). I play a tiny gnome wizard who sees dead people (no, really, it is called “haunted” in the rules).

Due to some frustrating back-peddling of leadership on the project, I do not have tomorrow off, and they have declared a required workday. I have to take Corwin to the coast for his second shot. We were going to make a day of it, but now we will have to minimize the day. I will still take a few moments to walk on a beach and maybe find some good seafood for lunch. But another crazy day. I will have my phone, laptop and be available for calls.

Dinner was KFC. Just is one of my favs and it seemed a good fit when I am so tired.

Tonight we had Theology Pub. Before the pandemic, we would discuss important theological issues while drinking and eating at a local pub. Now we Zooming. Our topic today was Brotherhood. We discussed this, and many thought the word is antiquated and maybe sexist. We believe true Brotherhood is a group that has a shared experience and is bound by an outcome. Thus a social meeting is not this. We also discussed that there are elements of supporting members and the need for compassion. We discussed that there is an element of justice that must also be included in Brotherhood.

424 people are recorded to have died today in the USA from Covid-19.

Brother, sister let me serve you seemed a good choice for today.

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