Daily Blog June 16, 2021: Wednesday Busy

The morning started at 6ish, and I again, without shame, rolled over and got started at 7ish. I had hours of meetings this morning. I spent most of the meetings trying to fix an upgrade (called SPAU for those who know SAP) while listening and responding a few times. I try to not be that guy who is asked a question and never heard it and has to have it repeated. I worked but also listened.

I also had a few crises of the moment to deal with. Some of the issues exploded into the status meetings and email. I managed to get the fixes done so the emails would stop.

I stopped for lunch and collected Susie, and we took Air Volvo to the Home of the Whopper. We took our lunch to the local park and ate in the car, watching the folks enjoying the part and the sun. I opened all the doors and windows when we were back. It was warmer outside, and the breeze felt good while doing fixes (SPAU).

Work ran beyond 5 as I had little emergencies to deal with.

I had a bagel for dinner and made Susie Beedaroni, a homey fav for Susie.

I then drove to church. I am on the sound system committee, and we went to the church to look over the challenges to make things create for the future and properly stream and record sound. No masks as everyone is vaccinated except Sophia, as she is yet too young for the vaccine. We looked at the options and talked a lot. We also tested some of the equipment, and Howard even played the organ to show us how some of the speakers work for it.

This was the first time I have seen the church folks in person in more than 14 months. I spent the Christmas holiday in Amsterdam in 2019; many folks I have not seen for 16 months! It was strange to see people again and some new faces. There were some hugs, but I am not prepared for that and did elbow bumps instead.

Dan Gray and I left and had a beer at Ickabod’s in downtown Beaverton. We talked about the issues of poverty and tribalism that are troubling our country while enjoying the best fried pickles I have had.

A nice night to see church friends.

434 people are reported lost to the virus today in the USA.

I Love to Tell the Story worked for me today.

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