Daily Blog: Tuesday Working

Again, boring, I think, is a blessing during a pandemic. Today I was just working and reading a bit. I wish I could tell you some fantastic tales of adventures at the shoe company, but alas, it was a normal day.

It started with the alarm at 6ish that I promptly ignored, and started at 7ish. I went through the email and saw that SPAU was hit for the upgrade. I now have days of work resolving the conflicts in the SAP upgrade using the SPAU transaction.

I used the SPAU to download all the issues and update a spreadsheet that is likely a direct descendent to the first one I used in the early 2000s. Yes, this is an old-school SAP process. I used Excel-fu to convert the data and copied it into the right sheet to have more Excel-fu to totals across sheets.

I did this while politely listening and even participating in Zoom call after call. I left the camera on for some meetings, and I suspect folks thought I was rather intensely listening. I was doing Excel-fu and then start resolving the issues in the upgrade, SAP-BASIS-fu.

I called Happy Panda and discovered they are still not open for lunch (they are open for dine-in for dinner). So I instead stopped by and was happy to see them and do pick-up. I had Generals Zhou’s Chicken and Chicken with Cashews for Susie. It was fun to drive Air Volvo today.

I will not bore you with the details of SPAU. To handle SPAU requires a deep knowledge of SAP change control, hearty fear of change, and a willingness–even with the fear–to make educated guesses when faced with obscure if not arcane error messages. I have done it for years, and there are few of us experts at Nike development standards and ABAP (the language the SAP created for their software) that do SPAU. It is an acquired taste!

I managed to clear about 1/3 of the entries by 6:15, when my last Zoom meeting ended. Tuesdays are long days. All-day SPAU tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I was a bit fuzzy after hours and hours of reading vendor patches (OSS notes for you SAP folks) and not willing to make dinner. Corwin ordered Mexican Food delivered. 

So just work today.

I am having a terrible time with coughing and sneezing. I am also still having muscle pain in my legs–I lost some sleep to the pain. I suspect that it was from driving and walking the beaches this previous weekend. In other words, exercise.

353 people died from Covid-19 today in the USA. According to the governor’s office, our county, Washington, is above the 70% vaccination rate. Oregon is struggling to get that whole state to 70%.

Blessed Be the Ties that Bind seemed a good choice.

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