Daily Blog: June 14, 2021: Monday Day Off

I managed to sleep until 6ish and rolled over, and got going at 8ish. The project I am working on gave us a day off at the shoe company. I did have a few emails from Nike folks, but mostly I was able to enjoy the day off.

I did not plan the day and was just catching up on items that I need to get done.

I painted a bit more of the Scythe miniatures. I have most of the Vikings (blue) faction done. It is strange how fast they finish after painting the four-inch-tall figures. These take no time at all.

After Susie was off to her 9 Spa appointment with Zeriada, it was toes today, plus other items. I watched some more Game of Thrones this morning after Susie left. It took me some time to find where I left off (season 3, episode 6 is next). This episode moved and was over before I was ready for it to end–an improvement. I will try some more this week.

I then dressed and managed to stop by Powell’s, our used and new local bookselling chain, and picked up a few gifts to send Linda. She texted me that she left a hoodie behind. I found it and mailed it to her today as one of my chores. I would include a few extras, but Linda is off to another assignment in Wisconsin for a month at a kids’ camp. I sent the hoodie to her house and will send the extras to her new address in Wisconsin when she has it.

I wanted a nice lunch, so off to Pastini. This is a pasta chain. Ours in Beaverton version seems just a bit better. It could just be the wine. I had the lasagna, and my order was remade as it was cold. Even burning hot, I have had better. The salad and the garlic bread mostly made up for it. The large pour of wine on a Monday early afternoon, Growers’ Guild Pinot Noir, was a bit basic, but it grew on me as I had it with food.

I got Spumoni for dessert and got a dessert for Susie to go. Again, everyone was masked, and the customers were careful too.

From there, I went to the dry cleaners and alterations to have my new Lands Ends paints shorted. I usually order from LL Bean, but they are out of stock of pants. I returned to Lands End, and everything was possible. I had some problems with Lands Ends shirts years ago and switched to LL Bean. I may continue with Lands End–the slacks are nice.

This is part of my goodbye-2020—new pants. I plan to replace all the pandemic pants with new ones—just time to get it behind us. I am short, so I just order them unfinished and have them adjusted here.

BTW: I never shop for pants. I have ordered pants and dress shirts online for more than ten years.

I stopped by the pharmacies for supplies and prescriptions. Needed to restock my meds and Susie’s too.

I returned home for a short rest and then off to the eye doctor. I forgot how painful the light is and was also not surprised with my first eye-glass prescription, optional. My vision is now 20-30 but still in the range of needing no correction (I did pass the driving eye test on the third try in April). The doctor said that cheaters are recommended. I got a prescription, and I will get some glasses soon, I think. I do not need them for my figures and model work. I already use 3x bifocal safety glasses.

I need a very bright light to work. Doctor Brown said that it is mostly about being older. He has experienced the same change. I have the start of cataracts, but this is not yet impacting my vision or causing my need for bright light. I will return now annually to check that my eyes are not getting worse.

Mariah texted, and we met at BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner. I had a Southwest Salad, Susie had ribs, and Mariah at steak. The unmasked waiters surprised me. Apparently, the rules changed again, and fully vaccinated wait staff may go unmasked. This took some getting used to! Our waiter, Sean, has waited on us in a mask before. Now we see his face. It was disconcerting. Again, I am trying to lose my fear.

Food was good, and the customers masked when leaving.

Mariah and I talked about my thoughts on another Howard story. I am thinking of “Howard’s Unlock.” I already have a “Howard’s Lockdown” story done. More to come.

Finally, a nap and now writing.

205 people are reported to have died of Covid-19 today in the USA.

I picked For All thee Saints as the world’s death rate still explodes. We remember all who now rest from their works.

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