Weekend Blog: Sunday, June 13, 2021

I could not sleep this morning. I had to drive my sister to the airport this morning. I often make up too early on days I have tasks to do. I was up about 6ish and ordered bagels delivered from Einstein Brothers to the house. Linda and I got going with coffee and bagels by 8ish. We left for Portland International Airport (PDX) at 9:15ish. I dropped Linda off at 10ish, two hours before her flight, and last I heard, she was on her last flight.

I then headed into Portland to check out if the gaming stores or other places I used to hang out were open yet. There was a crash on the highway on my normal fast way out of Portland–an alternate route via a gaming store made sense. None were open until noon, and some are still closed, like The Hair of the Dog bar that has not been open since the first lockdown. I drove across the town and headed home.

I decided to stay home today and work on figures. I am painting my second set of mechs for the board game Scythe. The makers of the game will sell you a spare set of miniatures so I can paint a set while I have another set for playing. I am starting with the Norse (blue) faction.

I also finished the masking on three other factions. I like the bases to retain the original color of the game. This time I am using masking tape. Tamiya masking tape works the best, and I always have some ready for a model or figure painting.

previous fully painted in front of some in-progress figures

For these figures, I am using the newer painting process. First, I paint the figures black. I then mist the top with white. Next, I dry brush white to make the detail stand out–they look like x-rays. Next, I dilute the paint with a flow enhancer and let it just cover the dark and light. This creates a pre-shaded look that I really like for “working” models. In contrast, the mechs I did for Richard I kept bright and clean. I used no diluted paint and white and gray primers, not black, for these larger models. But, I want these to look like they are in the field. This technique produces the look I am looking for.

Corwin and Susie had Mexican delivered while I went to play our first in-person Dungeons and Dragons game in 14 months. Unfortunately, Corwin could not come yet as he has two more weeks before he is considered fully vaccinated.

It was a bit awkward as we had to remember the story we were playing. Then, we had to get our characters together. After that, we slowly found our way back into the flow of the game. Matt is our Dungeon Master, and he is focused on the fun and the story, which brings this off with lots of laughing and a few surprises.

At one point, Karen, playing our dwarf fighter, learns that her weapon is not magical. I notice I have the Magic Weapon spell. Obviously, we had a plan from 14 months ago. So my wizard, a gnome, makes her weapon magical, and combat goes better after that. I later discovered I had healing potions and used them to bring back Cory’s character twice. Apparently, I had a plan as the backup healer 14 months ago. Cory’s cleric is the main healer.

We had to look up many spell effects and some other basic rules, but we had a nice time and play again in two weeks. We play on Sundays, usually every other one, from 5:30 to 9ish. The group has been meeting for more than ten years.

A nice day. Monday is an official day-off from the big project. I will likely not have to do much on Monday. I did get some emails on some issues and sent replies.

As it is a weekend blog, let stop there!


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