Weekend blog: Saturday June 12, 2021

It is nearly the end of Saturday, and I am chatting with friends in India after driving back from the coast with my sister Linda and Susie. I will likely get this out Sunday morning.

I started about 7:30ish, cleaned up the house a bit, did laundry, and tried to get ready for Linda’s short overnight visit.

At 1ish, we started out to find Linda in Corvalis. We went slow and had lunch, and took our time. Linda was about 90 minutes late as they had some carpooling challenges, and Corvallis, where the hotel is, is not near Eugene. It the wrong school (Beavers) home town.

We got going so that we reached the coast at 5:30ish in Newport. Linda was surprised by the stunning beauty of the small coastal range we had to cross. Next, she was not ready for Newport, the home of many of Oregon’s crabbers and fishing fleet. It looks like a cross of the Jaws Amity Island, a tourist boardwalk, and a small harbor for a fishing fleet. There is a seafood joint with fish from right off the boat opposite a Ripley’s Believe it or not.

Linda saw the seals swimming in the harbor. Again, brackish clearer water, which is tough on white sharks. The seals were relaxed.

Linda loved the look of the Newport and will be back someday.

We then headed to Depoe Bay and stopped a few times to watch the Ocean. Today a Pineapple Express was blowing in. It was warm and rainy.

We walked the beaches of Lincoln City and then found German Beer and food at the Auto band 101, a local place we have tried before.

It was a long drive home from there, nearly two hours. The navigation system of Air Volvo did not send us only and Blair Witch Project-like experiences tonight. We got home directly.

It was a great time. But I have to stop. It is very late.


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