Daily Blog: June 18, 2021: Friday Holiday

I slept in today. My allergies make this difficult, but I managed to hit 9:15ish and only awoke a few times. I also nodded off in the afternoon for a bit. I am feeling more like myself this evening.

I have to admit that I try not to binge a show, but the fourth season of The Game of Thrones is headed that way. I did another three episodes today. Much like the SciFi show, The Expanse, this show is willing to kill off or damage any main character, and the story always moves forward. This means you cannot predict anything. The characters and writing seem to now be working. I am enjoying it now. 

Susie got going, and we hit the movies about 1ish. In The Heights is a movie version of the Broadway show by the same name. It focuses on the lives of the immigrant, mostly from the islands, with song and dance of a modern style you find in a musical like Hamilton. I cried for some of the characters. I also had a tear for how amazing it was a few times. I would recommend In The Heights–bring the popcorn and the tissues.

We stopped at Taco Bell to get something before the movie.

Later that day, I collected Corwin and Susie, and we took Air Volvo to Portland, Oregon.

I made a wrong turn, so we enjoying driving through Portland. While there is a bit of wear on Portland as the tagging is a bit heavy, it looked busy, and there were lines for seats in the Pearl District. There are tents here and there. It does not look that bad to me. Usually, the tagging is quickly painted over, but in a pandemic and with all the riots, it is no time to get out some painting crews. I felt safe.

But, there are those little things that let you know that this city knows what to do for riots.

We parked Air Volvo on the street and then headed into The Broadway Grill. I have not been back in over a year. We ordered a locally made beer—Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, for me, for all the obvious reasons. Corwin and I ordered different sandwiches. We then traded a half. Beef dip and Ruben. Wonderful!

I know I should do something more than dare to drive into Portland and have a beer, but it is what we can do. We showed we are not afraid. It is a start.

We returned home to a wonderful sunset over the Coastal Mountains.

393 people died in the USA from the pandemic today.

I picked the sad Alabenza from In The Heights.

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