Weekend Blog June 19, 2021: Lazy Saturday

I could not sleep late this morning. My allergies were making it hard to sleep with the pollen all but choking me. I was going by 7:30 and made a simple breakfast of instant grits and coffee. I finished the Norse (blue) faction for the Scythe figures and started on with the Khan (yellow) faction. I worked on them on and off today, and they just need some touch-up to be done. Again, after doing those huge figures, these smaller figures paint so much faster.

Nobody was moving at noonish; after dressing and all that jazz, I headed to BJ’s Brewhouse for lunch in Air Volvo alone. I got my normal, before-Convid-19-normal, that is, table in the bar and ordered what I always ordered, Chicken Peanut Soba Noodles. I also ordered a full rack of ribs to-go for Susie and Corwin. This, too, was a practice I did before the pandemic. It felt better returning to old habits.

I managed to have enough waiting time at BJ’s Brewhouse to write a few paragraphs of Howard’s next adventure: Howard’s Unlock.

Howard has lost track of the number of days, 14 months’ worth. Thinking about how long he has been in the Covid-19 lockdown, he is not surprised that he is unsure of the number of days. Howard is a time traveler, and he understands that our stable view of the universe is really more like standing on a bubble of a boiling pot. We see only the surface and have no idea of how tenuous our reality, let alone human life, is in the chaos that is the truth. “No wonder I have no count,” he says to himself, sitting at his sitting worktable.

Just the start and still rough; the rest I will keep to myself for now.

Aside: Howard is my hero named for H.P. Lovecraft, and I write stories of his adventures that usually echo my own travels and experiences. He lives in the twisted alternative universe of Lovecraftian horrors and pulp fiction that becomes real.

After getting home with my bounty of to-go food, I painted figures and did the dishes and light chores at the house for the afternoon. Susie had her ribs.

I watched more The Game of Thrones and watched the end of season four and was disappointed again. I thought the story got lost again, and there was a lot of grandstanding. I am not in a rush to start the next season.

I went grocery shopping late today. I got home about 7:30ish and brought dinner for Susie and a sandwich for Evan and me. Evan is spending the night. Ash at Whole Foods makes a great The Hammer sandwich. Sort of an Italian grinder on a pretzel bun, grilled in a press, and covered with olive oil from the red peppers in oil from a jar. It is wonderful and spicy.

Susie had a mini quiche Lorraine I heated up in the oven.

Susie watched Burlesque the movie. I spoke to friends on the phone, watching the bats as the sun setting started them on their feasting. On bat barely missed me–there not small. I went in after that.

It is the weekend version. So I will stop there—a lazy Saturday.

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