Daily Blog June 21, 2021: Monday Hot!

As usual for most Mondays, I started at 6ish and then went out to my Nike laptop and checked. Nope. Nobody needed me, and I return to sleep until 7. I then returned to emails and messages and alignment processes until it was almost too late to get dressed before the first Zoom meetings. I managed it and was there smiling clean and shiny at 8 on Monday. Susie had her Spa day on Mondays with Zerida at 9ish; I had to rally her while folks talked about status and other alignment issues. The project is in 7/24 mode, so it is important to have status and alignment on what needs to be done.

I helped here and there, and soon it was my break around 10:30ish. No walks in the 90+ pollen-filled air. The dry, burning hot air is killing the pollen, finally. My coughing was much less today. Instead, I read a bit and took a 15 min nap.

More emails and trying to help. I then take Air Volvo to Gyro House. The temperature makes me think of days in Istanbul, and the last hint of humidity from the night suggests the seas in the East. I enjoy the food and the memories of that ancient city.

I took my Apple with me and wrote a few more paragraphs of Howard’s Unlock. It is a bit better now. I reworked the transitions and added more color. No samples today.

I returned home and started back in after lunch: more meetings and more alignment.

I decided to make lemon chicken breasts today. But, first, I had to get the chicken out and cut the chicken breasts in half the hard way. I had frozen them last night and thawed them about halfway to make the cutting safer. I was multitasking in the kitchen and the Nike emails and slack messages. I was beating chicken flat and checking emails!

I managed to get the cheese grated, the eggwash ready and mixed the cheese with flour for the breading. I then fried the breasts. I had the oil too cold at first. I had two do batches, and the second batch was better. Learning!

I made a lemon butter sauce, but it was a bit weak. I was not happy with the results. Not enough salt and flavor. I will look for alternative options.

Susie actually liked it. So we will try again. The kitchen looks well used. I have to clean that up tonight.

I rushed dinner and work as I had Dungeons and Dragons 5E on Roll20 tonight. We lost a player tonight, conflicting schedules often happen in the summer, but we agreed to go on. The adventure played well. The only shocker was when the wizard turned my giant purple worm (think Dune) into a tiny worm and had it carried away by their pet owl. That is not what the DM expects to happen to the boss monster! But it is according to the rules…So a fun evening with the players trying to find the adventure and understand what is happening. A good mix of combat and mystery solving. I managed to delay the game with some optional monsters so that the rest of the adventure will happen next week. Everyone had a good time and looked forward to finding what lies within the center of the endless sandstorm at the ruined city center.

There is a good possibility of 100 to 110+ temperatures next Monday.

213 people died from Covid-19 in the USA today.

I went with Lift Every Voice and Sing as I keep hearing it on various media.



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