Daily Blog June 22, 2021: Tuesday

The first meeting was 7ish this morning, so I had to be rushed this morning. I managed it and had breakfast while listening to discussions for about two hours on how to convert data. This was followed by the typical status and alignment meetings. We are running a 7/24 schedule, so there is a lot of alignment and discussions on not losing any time to various issues.

The day went on with meeting after meeting until 10:30. I get a break at that point today.

I rested a bit and then headed out to Old Chicago Pizza for lunch.

I had my regular, a stromboli and salad with iced tea, and got a to-go pizza (ham and pineapple with the thin crust for Susie).

It is not as hot as Monday, but the pollen was thick again. My coughing was awful. I had to stop a few times to use my inhaler.

Susie had some caregiving moments, and I had to stop working to care for her. She is OK now. Everything is back to normal again.

I nearly made the same mistake as I did a few years ago. It is important to breathe in and out after using the inhaler. I instead held my breathe to hold in the medicine and quickly stood up and walked. This can make you pass out. I managed to stop myself and hold on to the wall and recover. It did make me feel ill for a few hours. Breathing is important!

I had a few more status and alignment meetings. I then rested and checked emails a few times. The exhaustion and nearly knocking-myself-out caught up with me. I was deep asleep when Mariah called on the house phone, worried she could not reach me. I had left the iPhone by my computer.

We arranged to meet for dinner. I drove Air Volvo to the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. There Mariah and I had a Portland Dip (turkey, not beef in a French dip sandwich). After we got our sandwiches, we learned that horseradish sauce was one of the items they no longer carried (!?). It was still good, but we did feel a bit cheated. It needs horseradish sauce! Susie had a plain burger, skipped the bun, and enjoyed the burger, cheese, and bacon. I had their Ruby and Susie, and Mariah enjoyed Purple Haze; all their in-house made beers.

I drove home and am very tired.

I will stop there as I am tired again. I do have to finish a load of laundry before I rest.



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