Daily Blog June 23, 2021: Alan Turning Day

The day started early as Susie had some caregiving requirements at 6ish that started my day early. I was at work early and was all showered and clean for the first Zoom meeting. The morning was full of non-stop status and alignment meetings. Folks had worked all night on the 7/24 schedule, and we are now 24 hours ahead. We need to find four days to make the overbooked schedule. The status meetings went on for three hours.

I slipped out at 10:30ish to do some chores. First, I drove to the Beaverton Cleaners in Air Volvo to pick up my new paints. I usually buy pants online and have them shortened. I picked up three pairs of pants and threw away my pre-pandemic pants. I ordered another set from Landsend today to finish the process of new pants for the post-pandemic world. I hope that will be here soon. I received 50% and free shipping this time!

I grabbed a Mexican lunch, a chili Relleno with steak enchilada, at Don Carlos to-go. I have never been there in person. I used GrubHub for almost a year to order from Don Carlos. The place was full of locals speaking only Spanish having lunch. The drive-through was also busy. I saw a shrimp cocktail in a huge glass being enjoyed. I might get one of those next time. The food looked great and made so fast there was little waiting!

I got Susie a Happy Meal with apples.

Lastly, I stopped by RiteAid to get Susie’s prescriptions.

Home and eating my Mexican food, I then watched some videos on how to play Anachrony. I am planning to play games with Richard on Friday–maybe we can play that one. I painted Richard’s large figures for the game and wonder how it plays. It is an expensive board game.

More meetings followed lunch, more zooming.

I still have a terrible cough. I managed to finally suppress it by using my inhaler with an Aero Chamber (a long tube that lets you breathe in the meds slower). I took a nap as nothing was going with work for a bit, and I was tired again.

I got up and started cooking dinner. Steaks and baked potatoes and corn (frozen from Schwann’s steamed). I put the potatoes in foil and through on the grill for 40 minutes and incinerated them. I got them right last time. I will try again on another day. I opened a can of baked beans, and that worked as a replacement for the carbonized potatoes. I should note that I did soak the steaks, fillets from Scwhann’s, in teriyaki glaze. It gives the little steaks a nice look and taste.

Susie ate everything on her plate today. A win for the cook!

I looked at my apple tree today. It fell and was cut back to a small tree now. The tree is now lying and growing up out of the horizontal trunk. It looks like it will make it, and we will have apple still. It is part of the original farmstead. The official history of the area mentions the farmers planting apple trees to raise some additional money.

Today, Alan Turning is now on the 50£ note in the UK. Today was the first release of the new bills in the UK. I found a kit on eBay and will have one soon. I hope to get some more and give them away for Christmas. I have met people who worked with him breaking codes and building computers. He wrote the first general theory of computers and invented the term Artificial Intelligence.

326 people died from Covid-19 in the USA today. Reports are that these death all are non-vaccinated people.

We’ll Understand It By and By is one of my favs, and this version works for me. I am repeating my favs now that I have been writing this for so long.


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