Daily Blog June 24, 2021: Thursday with Earnings

At the end of the day, we learned that Nike killed it on earnings, and our bonus will be good (PSP for those who speak Nike). That made the last status call at 4:30 a bit more festive.

I made dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Maybe too much cheese, but Susie liked it.

I am back to reading Commissario Ricciardi Mysteries, By My Hand (book 5). I tried a new Italian crime novel and found the main character too corrupt for my taste. I like the cops to be honest policemen; The Black Run: A Novel did not work for me. I do recommend it with the warning that the main character is not likable. 

I read that and took a nap between meetings. To stop the coughing, I took a pill with side effects that can be described as you are a bit too high or sleepy to cough. I do not drive when I take it. It has helped, and I have been able to stay focused with a few breaks.

Thusly, lunch was Happy Panda Chinese delivered. Susie got Cashew Chicken, and I had Kung Pao Chicken.

The morning started with more caregiving for Susie and more laundry. I was back into hours of Zoom meetings and quite a few crises of the moment. I had to help work out a few missed steps and help find corrections.

Sleep was hard last night. I am still not feeling very well. I also somehow kinked my neck reading. So more painkillers for that.

Another 329 people died in the USA from Covid-19. Reports are that all of these are non-vaccinated.

I went with an Easter song as we missed Easter together: Low in the Grave He Lay.

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