Daily Blog July 1, 2021: Start of July 2021

The words “heat dome” enter the same list of horrors that have haunted us in the Pacific Northwest like Murder Hornets, Covid-19, Smoke, and the other unprecedented, how we hate that word, disasters that have hit us the last two years.

Today, It is cool and overcast, our usual weather in June.

I started at 6:45ish, and I had hours and hours of Zoom calls. The project is entering the holiday weekend; Nike is closed on Friday and Monday, with us working the holiday and weekend. So we will run 7/24 through another holiday.

I have been running late for the past few days, and thus I am running out of everything. I slipped out at 10:30 to Safeway to buy groceries. It is strange to see the unmasked people working there. All the social distancing signs are gone. About 1/3 of the folks do not have masks on. Most Safeway folks did not wear masks. Some still sported them. The customers were mostly masked, with again 1/3 not masked. Everyone kept social distancing, a habit, I think.

I am not sure I can not wear a mask and shop. Also, what I read about the Delta and Delta Plus Covid-19 variants has me washing my hands and keeping on my mask.

I then went to the car wash. They let me run it through twice. The crows managed to repaint the car. I still had to go out with a wet towel and wipe up some crow paint from the windshield! Air Volvo looks nice again. Damn crows!

I returned and put the groceries away. I had a frozen Indian styled lunch that I microwaved. Unfortunately, it was not that good.

I received a survey from the Methodist local conference in the mail, an online survey. The District Supervisor (DS) has picked a fight with our church and has started the process to shut down Beaverton First United Methodist Church. The task force that reviews the church to determine if we have a future sent the survey. Unfortunately, it is slanted against us. It took me all lunch to finish it. I listed the main issue for my church to be the local and General Conference and that I believed that the DS was at fault. I am sure my response will be ignored, but at least I tried.

I had some more meetings, including a future planning meeting with my boss and a director from the biz side of Nike. But, I cannot include the details here. I can say that the software we wrote over the years, in Java using SAP tooling, is an embarrassment of riches and an incredible good user experience.

I finished with the last status meeting at 4:30 on Zoom with 70+ people, as usual.

I managed to change gears and made pork chops from Schwann’s. I dried them and sprinkled them with Herbs de Provance and fried them to just brown on top of the stove. I finished them in a hot oven for ten minutes. I followed this by making Famous Dave’s Corn Bread muffins from a box. I also threw in a handful of frozen corn in the cornbread to add that southern feel of actual corn in the muffins. Next, I microwaved green beans, also from Schwann’s, and then heated and wilted the beans in butter in the same pan I cooked the chops in. I added some salt to the beans and butter. Susie liked it all.

The roses survived the heat. They are now in the summer mode for the remaining blooms, about 1/2 sized now. They still surprise my neighbors with how pretty my flowers keep.

Today it was reported that 315 people in the USA died from the virus.

I could not think of a better hymn for today: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. I picked a German version.

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