Daily Blog June 30, 2021: Oregon Unlocks

Today Oregon unlocks. All restrictions are lifted for Covid-19. Our county, Washington, is at 61% vaccination for the total population. Oregon is about 62% and staying there so far. There are no numbers on the Delta variant here.

I am of mixed emotions as I feel that many people will still fall victim to Covid-19. But, the state had decided to return to work. So, I pray that this will work.

Today was a chaotic mess. I started about 7ish and was dressed and ready for my first meeting at 7:30AM. I just had status meetings, but I had to bail as Susie has a check-up with her skin cancer doctor. One of the wounds was healing strangely, and we wanted it checked.

So we got there, and I went in with Susie. The issue was minor and is scar tissue.

But, since we are there, the doctor did an exam, and Susie had three biopsies today on the left side of her face. She is in light pain, which is easily handled by Tylenol. I was back to work in time for a class over lunch. I ordered Happy Panda again as I had not time to get lunch. Susie had her fav of chicken cashew.

Back to Zoom meetings and endless emails and messages on Slack. It has been some time since I had a real computer emergency. A problem showed up that was a problem that hit the critical path. We were on a call until 6:30PM on how to fix it. The systems we use are on different patch levels, preventing important settings for warehouses (plants, for SAP folks) from moving between systems. The problem was finally solved late this evening after we all worked out a solution. We were happy to see that some of the settings were correct, and all we had to do was activate and resend them.

I think I brought some value by explaining some options.

I then was running late. I then went online and ordered Dominos. After two calls, and being more than an hour late, and the pizza only being warm (but still good), the pizza arrived. I am unhappy, but there is a pandemic on still, so I will just let it go. I did give them a bad survey as the only punishment.

My fifty-pound note with Alan Turning arrived today–I bought one on eBay with the official flyer from the Bank of England. It is amazing to see his face on UK currency next to the Queen’s. Alan Turning’s ability to imagine and implement huge electrical device that computed was what later allowed for the creation of the first computers after World War 2. “This is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be,” is printed on the 50-pound note below his picture and signature.

249 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I picked A Tribute to the All Nations for Alan today!


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