Daily Blog June 29, 2021: Hot Tuesday

Today we had only 90s in the Greater Portland Area. Unfortunately, the heat dome moved east, and eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and Idaho are now struggling with 100+ temperatures. Also, Nike stock was burning up too and flying to new levels. My 401K is showing an 8.4% return. This even after I was forced, because of my age, into safer investments. Such a scorching day.

I started work at 7ish and managed to slip in a shower and be bright and shiny for the first three hours of status meetings at 8AM. The project is still running on a 7/24 schedule with stops and starts as we have trouble identify resources. The data conversions are running better this time, and we are dropping days of runtime out of the conversion. This causes some chaos as tasks are unexpectedly moved to well now.

I had to stop today and take Corwin to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), where he got his car driving permit. He had to pass the test. We celebrated by having Corwin take over Air Volvo in the parking lot. He did make one turn too sharp and bump a curb. He managed it.

I had one more meeting once we got home. The 4:30 status meeting is also the handover of the project to China and India. We are still struggling to follow the sun with support for the project.

I made tacos, it being Taco Tuesday, for dinner. I used the crunchy shells and the seasoning in the packet. I baked the shells with the cheese and meat in the shells. I browned some ground beef (85%). They are good with some lettuce. Susie liked them.

According to reports, 294 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today. Reports continue to state all these deaths are unvaccinated folks.

I found a song I did not know for lent: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days. This is Methodist Hymnal #269.

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