Daily Blog June 28, 2021: Our Hottest Monday

It is like a bad joke, and if you thought yesterday was hot, you would love the 112F we enjoyed today. I went out this early afternoon at 111F and watered the roses, my neighbors struggling garden, and put sprinklers on the lawn. Mostly to stop the lawn from turning brown. The heat was harsh.

The morning started in the 80s for me, about 7ish. My status meetings started at 7:30 now. Various meetings are now overlapping, and so meetings are moving earlier and earlier. Many of the folks are in India.

I had just a few crises of the moment putting in a vendor patch (OSS notes to those who speak SAP). I was listening to status meetings and checking emails, and reading Slack posts for hours. Nobody needed me by 10ish, so I took my first break then.

It was already 100! I ordered lunch delivered, not wishing to drive for lunch or have a ham and cheese. I ordered a gyro from Gyro House. It was delivered and was perfect.

More status meetings and then online self-paced mandatory training about how to better communicate with various cultures worldwide. I have to 19th to complete the training. I did two modules (not understanding that the first module is not actually the first one–alphabetically listed) and passed the introduction. I have four or five more to go.

You do a self-assessment, and my rating all but said America IT old guy. Direct. Risk-taking. Egalitarian. Task drive.

Dungeons and Dragons canceled today as Cory was having some AC issues (as are many) today. Unfortunately, our AC could not get below 76F inside today once it got the burning 110+ today. We expect an easy to live with 96F high on Tuesday.

Mariah contacted me, and we, the only folks crazy enough to go out, met at the Woodfired Pizza place. We had pizza, getting one for Susie to go and bring back extra for Corwin from my all meat pizza and beers. We talked about various items. We agreed to maybe play an in-house Dungeons and Dragons 5E game on Tuesday in the Fall. This is old school with figures and pen and paper. We both complained that we are behind our hobbies, which is getting us down a bit.

Most of the staff that served you at Woodfired Pizza were not wearing masks. Folks still wore masks when coming and leaving their tables. It still felt safe. They were totally slammed as I suspect they thought Monday would be a light day. Instead, everyone wanted someone else to cook and to enjoy their AC.

I will get back to painting the figures and then maybe some kitbashing to build a hell war machine. I ordered some plastic sheets, random pieces, and some wheel kits.

I have some lighting and sound kits for an Ecto-1 that I have never built. I have an American Tank in the correct scale (1/52), and an out-of-scale Potemkin, which I think will work. Plus even more lights. I have few more items to bash together for my first war machine.

I will try to get to that soon. If it works out, I have a spare Addams family house model and Cutty Sark that might be next or a Soviet battlecruiser (yes the made one).

Dreaming of having time to work on this…Hell War Machines…(evil laughter)

Today 137 people in the USA died from Covid-19.

You don’t get singing organist’s videos that are this good, Child of Blessing, Child of Promise. This is Methodist Hymnal #611.

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