Weekend Blog June 27, 2021: Hell Hot

It was 111F today here at the Volvo Cave. I watered the roses again in the afternoon and ran the sprinkler for the grass for a bit. It was fun, as always, to pull the sprinkler around the lawn and get soaked. I usually was dried in a few minutes!

This evening we visit Cory’s house, and their AC was overwhelmed, and it was 80-something in their house. We still played 5E Dungeons and Dragons in the heat. It is the second time we have met in 14 months and the first time all of us could make it. Everyone is two weeks out from vaccination. It was great to get the whole group together.

We are playing the campaign DESCENT INTO AVERNUS, and we are now driving Hell Machines in the burning desert of Hell. I play a gnome who is a tinkerer wizard. I was not expecting to be rebuilding hell devices and driving them, but what the well, you know. So Matt has all the Mad Max-like 28MM-scale 3D hell models, so we did our first battle. We took out the crew on the larger truck and now have a bigger one to drive. It is just fun and insane. Again, I was not expecting a cross of Mad Max-like and 5E version of Hell. The warm temps helped us to be more immersive. It was fun.

My gnome drove the hell machine. Imagine a wizardly house gnome status driving a semi! It was a bit ridiculous. Apparently, my character built miniature controls and a tiny seat to run the tank-Mad-Max-Hell-Machine. So not your usual dungeon exploring from Indiana Jones or Lara Croft tradition! We ended the session paying Charon-like creatures to barge us across the river Styx.

I have some old ship models I have never built, and Matt suggested I might be able to kit-bash a cool Hell ship. So I looked, and I have a Cutter Sark I have not finished for years, and I also have the battleship Potemkin model from Russia that looks very retro. Together they might make an amazing Hell ship. We will see.

I started the day early. I had a status meeting at 8 and a meeting with a reporter about family history at 9. The skeletons in the family closet need a bit of airing again. I then rested a bit.

I headed to BJ’s Brewpub for lunch by myself. I got an order of ribs, full rack, to-go for Susie’s lunch and later dinner.

It was burning hot, and it is hotter on Monday.

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