Weekend Blog June 26, 2021: Burning Saturday

Susie and I went to Fast and the Furious 9 (F9) tonight at the local theater, Regal’s Moves on TV. The manager knows me, her predecessor used to live two houses down from me, and she was surprised that in 104+ heat, they were not busy. In Oregon, movie houses usually are packed on hot days. F9 was out this week and fulfilled all my car crashing chase scene dreams. I did not even know I needed this fix! Vin Diesel movies are like that; you did not even know you were missing it until you see it and know you needed this.

F9 even brought back some lost players and new family members. However, a few times, the chase events were clearly computer animation and SciFi, and I thought that broke some of the gritty feeling of the movie. It was a few times just more James Bond than Fast and Furious. I liked F8 better, but it started in Cuba; it was gritty in many places, so who can’t love that. You do not know you need this movie, but with all that went wrong in the last few years, maybe an insane movie like F9 is what we all need. Recommended with lots of popcorn and maybe a soft drink, kid-sized.

What we also needed was AC at Mazatlan Aloha today. So I called ahead, and they said their AC was not working well, but they were open. So I decided if they are open, then we spend our money there for dinner. Besides, they have good margaritas. So we left from there to the movie. There was an F9 movie every 30 minutes today until 9pm!

Before this, I ran the car on max AC while Susie got ready and then got her in the car with temperatures still 103F. I then drive 5 mins. Finally, I rolled her on her walker into the Mexican place. The food was great, and they were happy to see us.

My meeting with a reporter was canceled tonight. That is rescheduled to Sunday morning. They have questions about one of the skeletons in the family closet. It comes up once in a while. It is wrong to talk about some of the worst of the USA in the 1920s in this blog. The reporter is world-renowned, and I suspect he will reveal some more truth that folks will not want to learn, but the truth will come. I just wish our family was the good guys.

Returning to my story, I should mention that everyone was wearing masks when not seated in the restaurant or at the theater. So we Oregonians can read and know that Delta and Delta Plus variants are out there and that 1/3 of people are not vaccinated. We know that the vaccines make us safer but not immune, and we can still catch and spread it even vaccinated. Delta will kill people must faster. So most of us are sticking with masks. We are very polite; killing unvaccinated people is so not us.

It was hot today. I went out and watered the roses twice. I saw the north wall garden that my new neighbors put in was fading fast. I watered it too. I also rang their bell and told them I watered their plants for them (I would prefer they water their own plants–but I can’t let tomatoes plants just wither).

I also heard that Michigan had tornadoes and that both moms are OK. It was wet and stormy. I don’t miss Michigan insane storms–I still have nightmares of being trapped outside when the wind drops and everything is scary, and then the winds start to screams.

This morning, we had a lazy day while I checked in with the shoe company all day. They did not need me today. So I just am following along and checking that I am not needed. We are in a data conversion that is 7/24.

I started at the blessed late hour of 10 this morning. I managed to sleep most of the night.

I watched some Game of Thrones this morning, I missed an episode, and the story is advanced a few weeks. However, I like it again as the story seems more logical. I am now at season 5, episode 6. I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast, a fav. I had a 1/2 ham and cheese for lunch. Susie had waffles with peanut butter and then chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Susie watched Hocus Pocus and Bednobs and Broomsticks this afternoon on Disney+.

I tried to make it a nice day. I just remade the bed, clean, cool sheets for hot weather.

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