Weekend Blog July 3, 2021: Building Day

I spent much of the day scratch building and kit-bashing a hell war machine for 28mm figures. I have finished the base and started on some of the outsides. I will make more progress tomorrow and Monday. I have cut up a Sherman tank and a battleship model for some of the decorative bits. This took me all day, so the blog is a bit short.

We did go out to an afternoon movie. We watched at the local Regal theater Cruella before it leaves the theaters. We managed to make the afternoon cheap showing and enjoyed popcorn, Raisinets, and a soft drink (diet) to share. It was still fun the second time.

I had lunch before this and brought Susie back some baklava from Gyro House. I had the lamb kebobs as I was tired and hungry from yesterday’s late-night gaming. I had skipped dinner as I had a large lunch and had only a chocolate shake and fries for a snack. The folks were happy to see me and asked if I would be back to the indoor dining. Yes, I will.

I made ham and cheese sandwiches after we had stuffed ourselves with popcorn for the movie.

Susie found a Harry Potter festival on TV after the movie and watch that while I cut and clued and sawed away most of the evening.

I was on call all day and up at 8ish to make the 8:30 status meeting. I have been following along, and so far, I am not needed. This makes the holiday a working holiday for me.

I did slip in two more episodes in Season Six for Game of Thrones. I am more interested again. They story seems to be moving again. I was surprised by the end of Season Five with the murder of one of the main characters. I am interested to see what happens now.

Lastly, fireworks are not banned here in this tiny part of Oregon and the explosion have started. We have less than last year, they asked people to be careful and responsible. Yes, sort of an interesting request for folks using illegal fireworks, but it is Oregon. So far, it looks like folks are being responsible.

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