Weekend Blog July 4, 2021: USA Independence Day

I slept poorly and finally slept sometime after 3ish. Susie was up a few times last night. This is twice in a row, so I am building a large deficit in sleep. Usually, I have to repay that illness or just sleeping early and well someday. Maybe tonight!

I logged into work at least every few hours and kept my phone ready all day. I am on call for the data conversions running through the holidays.

The morning of 8ish was started with a killer leg cramp. This is not a way to started July 4th with your own internal fireworks! But I managed to walk it off.

We managed to get going and make church. Not our regular church, but Aloha United Methodist, a few minutes away. They opened for services, and today was communion Sunday. Our friends, the Revs Anne and Wayne Weld-Martins, help the church and run communion. It was strange not to sing at church, and sitting in chairs separated was also new to me. Aloha Methodist always used chairs, so their sanctuary easily aligned to the new social distancing model.

Rev Anne gave the sermon about immigration and independence, and it was worth, I think, finding on YouTube and watching. We all were wearing masks.

We took Air Volvo and went to BJ’s Brewhouse for a post-church lunch like a normal pre-Covid-19 Sunday. We had a nice lunch and a good time just hanging out.

After dropping off the Revs., we got home and took a nap. Susie slept until 6:30PM.

I started back on my Hell War Machine kitbashing project. I finally got the front of the war machine done and have decided on a look. Unfortunately, I lost track of time, and it was near 7ish. I also watched some Game of Thrones while working on the kitbashing.

I ordered Mexican food for dinner delivered. It was delivered just as it was getting dark.

My neighbors are doing their firework party. The lights are off, and the street and sky are full of various legal and illegal explosions. Chris, who lives next door, has water running and buckets ready. He also watered his lawn, where most of the fire might land.

I stopped working on the model building when I made a couple mistakes. That is when you are tired or distracted that you make mistakes. When I make three I stop. I have a lot of cutting and I will wait until I am more awake before I do that!

Susie has a Zoom meeting funeral for a family friend in Michigan at 8AM. So need to sleep soon. If the explosions will just stop.


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