Extended Weekend Blog: July 5, 2021

Today I tried to focus on my Hell War Machine model after getting started. I managed to get quite a lot done until I discovered I had glued a wheel axial with some CA glue that somehow ran from the parts I was working on. I had to break open the model and repair the wheel. I put the model away for the day. It was frustrating to lose a day’s work. I generally stop when I make a mistake. Usually, that means I am rushing or tired.

I managed to not glue myself to the model or glue my fingers together!

The morning started with a Memorial Service for a family friend in Michigan. Susie watched the Zoom service, which was well done, and Zoom and the music worked very well. It shows how much we have learned and how comfortable the pastor was with the media. He managed to talk into a laptop recording the service on Zoom and to also hold the attention of the live folks in pews at the church. The speakers also, while often looking at the congregation, managed to be clear and expressive. I was impressed; it was a moving service even on Zoom in Oregon.

I moved to another room and used my Nike computer for status meetings at Nike for the data conversions. The data conversions are going well and are days ahead of plan. I did my timesheet and checked my email. This all while Susie watched the memorial service on my Apple computer.

The service was at 8ish, and we were dressed in time and could use the camera. Susie had about twenty minutes to get ready for her spa appointment with Zeriada. She managed to have some Eggo Waffles with peanut butter and coffee before her driver picked her up.

I continued with my model after Susie headed out and then left for lunch, taking Air Volvo. I drove to The Streets of Tanasbourne Mall looking for something I used to do for lunch. This mall is outdoors walking. Walking outside on a sunny day, I stopped by Ma-Now for Thai food. I have not been there for a long time–when we moved to a different office building Ma-Now was too far for lunch. I had a massaman curry and a Thai iced tea. There were few people there. My waiter told me they are still not getting that many customers, but there is more and more each day. Yes, one-day-at-time for everyone, I think as we start the beginning of the end of the pandemic, I hope.

I also went into REI, looked at a t-shirt ($29), and decided that it was a bit much. About half the people had masks on in the store. The staff was still masked.

Most people outside did not wear masks at Tanabourne. However, everyone still kept social distancing. Masks were carried and put on when entering stores.

I returned and managed to break my model. I then watched more of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. I am liking this season and have trouble not binge-watching. I finally understand why the show was so well received. The story, acting, and camera work is much improved in seasons 5 and 6.

I was contacted by Richard, but he could not get enough folks for a surprise Monday night game. Online Dungeons and Dragons using Roll20 canceled today; folks are still traveling for a holiday.

I instead made dinner. I made a German-style stew-goulash. I put veggies in it (taters and carrots). It takes a few hours to make, and as I had no games tonight, I made the goulash while doing laundry and watching more Game of Thrones. It has been a while since I cooked dinner from scratch, and it was good and fun.

More laundry and maybe Game of Thrones tonight.

Happy Holidays!

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