Daily Blog July 6, 2021: Busy Tuesday

I started at 6ish and then saw that I had no meetings until 8AM, so I went back to sleep until 7ish. Then, I started back and read my email and replied on a few items. I managed to have breakfast and chat via Slack with my colleagues in India. I managed to be dressed and ready for the first status meeting at 8:30 and then passed thru another three-plus hours of status and alignment meetings. A typical Monday-Tuesday day after a holiday. I finished before noon and then drove Air Volvo to Burger King. I had a whopper with slightly better fries. I brought Corwin a double bacon burger. He had a Zoom meeting, too, so I brought back lunch.

Susie started the late morning. I rested a bit. I was dizzy and was having trouble with my ears being plugged from allergies. I got up to help Susie when she called; I rushed getting up and nearly fell over. I got some things to help, and that has gone away (details best skipped).

I then ran some chores that I needed to do. I dropped Corwin off to replace his phone. I did the banking and pharmacies things. Schwann’s truck was by and purchased more goodies. I managed to make the last status meeting and had to comment about some of the data conversions. Busy day!

I was going to cook some Schwann’s pork chops and veggies, but then I heard something say to me, “Margarita.” So off to the local Mexican place. Susie was happy to get outside. Mazatlan Aloha was perfect.

Nike stock broke $160 today. My 401K is showing more than a 10% return annualized.

202 people in the USA died from Covid-19. None of the people we lost today are reported to be vaccinated.

I picked a fav that I can sing, and I remember singing it loud at many churches–it requires little skill to get the basic it rights: It Is Well With My Soul.

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