Daily Blog June 13, 2021: Tuesday Sunny

My mother asked me if we were OK. The fire is in southern and easter Oregon. The smoke is blowing east into the Rockymountain states. It was a sunny hot day.

I started the day about 6:45ish and did more normal emails and Slack messages. The issues found in the data conversions were worked overnight in India, and the move of the fixes was started as I was getting going.

I was dressed in time for the start of hours of Zoom status and alignment meetings. I went to about 10:15 and then took a short rest. After that, I was back monitoring the progress of the data conversions until about 11:15.

I did manage a short walk. My legs are very sore, and I am having trouble bending my right leg. I figure exercise will help. I walked my shorter walk and felt much better after. The pain in the right leg is still there, but the left leg is better. Use it or lose it!

The local school is serving meals and now on summer break.

Next door and sharing a parking lot with the school, Reedville Presbyterian serves free dinners every Thursday. There is real hunger here in Reedville (Reedville was not incorporated and was part of Aloha before Beaverton decided to take us). With all the changes and consolidations, Reedville is only remembered now in the name of some places.

I drove Air Volvo to Pastini’s in the Cedar Hills Crossing mall near Beaverton’s Powell’s Books. This is a chain, but this one seems just a cut above the rest. The garlic bread is to die for. So I had spaghetti carbonara with garlic bread extra, and I ordered to-go ravioli for Susie. Tiramisu was also ordered to go. I skipped a dessert for myself as I had work to do and did not want a nap. Also, instead of their fine wines, iced tea for me.

I spoke to Pastini’s manager. They are only partially staffed as they are not getting their full set of customers. Nike WHQ is just a few minutes away so they are hoping the Nike WHQ will reopen soon. A lot of their regular customers worked at Nike WHQ. He told me that even with the limited opening, they cannot keep staff. They are “constantly hiring” is what they told me.

Back at it this afternoon and watching mostly and taking status meetings.

My Mister Lincoln rose has fully bloomed. A second bloom will soon start.

I had a ham and cheese for dinner after the large nice lunch. Susie had her dessert for dinner. I think she got the better deal!

I am still online watching the data conversions.

I returned to my Hell War Machine model for Dungeons and Dragons. I have repaired the breaks caused by the glue spill in the model, and I will return to working on it this evening.

No death counts as the totals are not being updated by many states, mostly Republican governed.

I turned to My Faith Looks Up to Thee in the Methodist Hymnal.

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