Daily Blog June 14, 2021: Forever Tuesday

After I published yesterday’s blog, I still worked until 1AM doing a status meeting at 12:30 Wednesday morning. That made 6:00 come rather soon. I managed to get going about 6:50ish and was ready for all the status meetings beginning at 7:30 and running into 10:30 for Zoom calls. I had a break and took a short walk, and talked to our neighbor.

I returned to more information on data conversions and some new challenges. I then slipped out to lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse for lunch. I had their chicken and noodles and iced tea, resisting a very nice red ale. I got a full rack of ribs for Susie for lunch to-go.

I did a few more status meetings and took a short nap between meetings as the lack of sleep caught me. Corwin made dinner Jambalaya from a box with kielbasa and ham. He also added a can of stewed tomatoes (Mexican style).

I am following along with the data conversions. I am much more blurry today.

I will include a new picture of Mister Lincoln with the next flower opening. It is my only hybrid tea and has a nice smell. I inherited a 50+ years old tea rose that smells of musty tea with the house. I like hybrid tea roses better.


I have all these fences. I think that climbing roses, maybe white ones, would be nice.

I picked In The Garden for today for my flowers.

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