Daily Blog June 15, 2021: Wednesday with dinner out

Working backward tonight, Susie and I returned from dinner with Mariah at the Golden Valley Brewery. We sat outside. The place was packed and had no limits, and mostly no masks were in use. Susie and I kept with our norm of using a mask until seated. I find that people now are having no thought of social distancing when getting into place. I am not ready to be that close. Not sure I ever will be.

Susie had a steak, Mariah had the steak salad, and I had the chicken pot pie. While the pie is nice, those steaks looked good. So we had the kitchen slice Susie’s steak for us. I still had to make smaller pieces for her, but it was easier this way. I am with the Asian belief that food should come ready to eat. Don’t even get me started on Lobster (it takes a biology textbook to eat one).

Work was ongoing data conversions and endless Zoom meetings. We are having some issues, so there was a lot of explaining and rechecking, and redoing.

Lunch was drive-through Burger King as I was rushing a bit today with all the fixes and following along.

I was asleep around midnight with broken sleep and back at it 7ish. My first meeting was at 8AM, so I could go a bit slower this morning.

I had to cancel gaming plans on Saturday with Casey and Richard, and friends. It is Casey’s birthday, but our conversions are running on the weekends. So I will need to help.

The first hymn I turned to is Love Devine, All Love Excelling.

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