Weekly Blog July 19, 2021: Short note

The data conversions that my teams were working on finally finished this afternoon.

I am sleepy as I have stayed up every night for days. Just a few observations.

We played Dungeons and Dragons online using Roll20 this evening. As usually happens, the easy but many monsters were devastating while the big-bad fell in two combat rounds. When I write my own adventures, I try to avoid letting the players concentrate all their attacks on one creature. This is a common flaw I see.

The only funny thing was that I had a meeting through lunch, so I decided to make Mac and Cheese from a box. I got about halfway cooking. While listening and trying to participate, I saw the most dread words on the package Vigan. Yes, it was a unique taste. I added a bit of meat–not an improvement. I then got some newly purchased curry powder and tried to fix the flavor. I was hungry, but it was terrible. I ate it.

I went to put the curry powder away. I have just bought the curry powder, Madra Curry, in a nice tin and it is quite heavy as it is packed tightly in the tin. I missed, and the tin fell all the way back to the counter and exploded open. So I had a pile of yellow powder two inches tall on the counter and a yellow spicy cloud in the kitchen.

Corwin came in a bit later. I had some of the yellow spice back in the tin and the rest in the trash. There is, I noticed later, curry on the coffee maker and the blender. I will have to clean the counter again and sweep again. Corwin says the house has taken on a new smell.

I am tired and have to just stop there. I hope you can imagine the yellow cloud while I am at a meeting to automate change control. I tried to sound calm and helpful my newly formed yellow cloud billows.

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