Daily Blog July 20, 2021: Tuesday

Working backward today, Susie and I had pick-up dinner from Olive Garden. I wanted a salad and something with pasta. Susie had her usual alfredo with chicken. Just to get outside, Susie and I took Air Volvo together to get dinner.

After dinner, I watch some more of the last season of Game of Thrones. I find the season well done, but the battle scenes were so dark it was almost unwatchable. I find myself wishes I could warn folks that they are making the same mistakes again, but the same problems happen, and the scenes are very predictable. I don’t dislike Season 8, but the series seems predictable, and trying to check off anything left hanging.

I stopped working about 3ish as I had chores to run. I ran Corwin to open an account at the local credit union. He wants to buy a car soon, and thus a bank would be helpful. The new accounts are only created by appointment. Corwin will be back, via Lyft, on Wednesday.

Susie has a dentist appointment on Wednesday that is also close to my follow-up with my doctor. Thus, Corwin will have to find his own way on Wednesday.

I had Corwin drive Air Volvo in the parking lot. He needs more practice. He was having the same issue I had when I was learning to drive. The wheel turns twice to each side, and you have to bring it back or let it turn back. That is a learned skill.

Before all of this, I was attending various alignment and status meetings. Zooming all day.

I spent lunch and much of the morning on a workshop, trying to find the cause of pricing issues in our converted data. I made a sandwich while listening and helping.

The morning started with me making coffee at 7ish and checking email and Slack messages. I was ready for my first meeting at 8AM. I was shinny and ready.

I did slip in two naps, but I still feel like my head is full of wool, and my decisions are hard at work. So I will rest some more.

I started to read a new book that I really am enjoying until I fall asleep while reading. Winning Armageddon: Curtis LeMay and Strategic Air Command, 1948-1957. It is a rework of a dissertation on military history and how LeMay rebuilt SAC until the power we see in so many scary black and white movies and later Wargames. The book, being based on research, is full of interesting quotes and references. The author wrote the book to help people with fear and understand how LeMay’s practical approach was to save the USA and, even to a lesser degree, the USSR. I have just started it, but I am already hooked.

I will stop there and wish you, dear reader, a happy day.

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