Daily Blog July 21, 2021: Wednesday

Today many things happened.

I finished the last episode of Game of Thrones. I watched the last season with interest and liked it, unlike just about everyone I talked to about the show. Now I thought it was a bit predictable and tragic, but it was what I expected, and I did not miss the foreshadowing of the disaster for the characters that are the last two seasons. So my overall judgment is that I do not regret watching the show, but I would not likely watch it again. I thought the ending was good and connected directly to the first episode.

The second thing was I received my raise, standard percent increase, and a larger bonus than last year for the record profits at the shoe company. I will not discuss pay here.

I started the day with more sleep in a long time. I slept in until 7ish and was rushed all morning for that extra sleep. I was a few minutes late for my first meeting at 7:30 but was all clean and shiny when I got to it.

I moved my doctor’s appointment. I forgot to put it on my calendar, and so it got booked over by my pay statement meeting with my boss. Susie had a dentist appointment an hour before, so I was rushing a lot this afternoon, shuffling to the nearby dentist and meetings in Zoom.

I had a few crises of the moment to fix and some alignment meetings. Also, we are dealing with more complex issues with overlapping releases, which will require more complex environments. Nevertheless, we will try to find our way as we continue to push at a swift pace. Rush. Rush. Rush.

I started dinner a bit early as I finished up the last status meeting in the early evening. I made pasta and heated meatballs (Schwann’s), and sauce from a jar. I had pasta with meatballs and veggies heavy meat sauce while watching the ending of the series Game of Thrones. I took the cooked pasta and reheated it with good butter, and cut up meatballs for Susie. I sprinkled it with high-quality shredded cheddar cheese. Mac and cheese of sorts. She liked it.

I should point out that when I took off the mask, required for the dentist office, I snapped into my eye and blinded myself. I also could not believe I just put the mask into my eyes. Blinding me, hurting my eye, and putting any Covid-19 into my eyes. So silly and stupid when you are backing up Air Volvo. I was just not paying attention to the mask. This pandemic thing will get you if you let down you guard! I am again careful removing masks!

I always finding endings sad and often heartbreaking. The pay statement is the close of a year for me. The end of Game of Throne was also sad for me. So I am a bit sad tonight. I will likely feel better on Thursday.

I found a nice version of Be Thou My Vision for today.

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