Daily Blog July 22, 2021: Starting Break

Today I decided to take Friday off as Nike gave us off the day, and the project did not need me to work Friday or the weekend. So I plan to do my out-of-office and then sign off for the rest of the weekend on Friday morning. My first weekend off in a month.

The morning starts as most with me turning off the alarm at 6ish and getting up at 7ish. I should change the alarm, but I do like getting up at 6ish. I am just tired.

My asthma is bad today, and I felt like I was drowning a few times. I used my inhaler and feel better. I need more rest.

The morning was hours and hours of status Zoom meeting for the shoe company. There were a few crises of the moment. I also had to write a design improvement for some software as an email to India. I hope they will be able to consider it.

After I put in my out-of-office meetings and emails, there was a rush, and many more folks have tossed in the towel for an early weekend. I started a land-rush!

Susie was up by 10ish and fully dressed, which surprised me. She usually sleeps in. Thusly, Susie went to lunch with me at BJ’s Brewhouse. Susie had a roast beef dip sandwich. I had the Califonia club sandwich.

Things are changing at BJ’s Brewhouse. The staff is unmasked, and most of the customers are unmasked. We wore masks inside while headed to and leaving our table. A few other gray-haired folks wore masks while not eating. Washington County in Oregon, where we live, is nearly 75% vaccinated. Hence, our rate of increase of infection is slow, but still, I have no wish to enjoy a short survivable (because of the vaccine) adventure with delta or other versions of Covid-19. Also, I do not want to discover I have delta and then gave it to others. I have suffered too much to fail now.

On the subject of suffering, my powerstrip is now turning off some plugs at random. This is the powerstrip I have used through the whole pandemic. It is tired and needs to be replaced.

I wondered why the printer keeps going on and off and then noticed that my Apple laptop was only 1/2 charged (the new M1 model has a very long battery life). I then noticed that the power strip is not really working sometimes. Simple problems can confuse you.

I searched the Internet and found an article from the New York Times on the best powerstrip (!?), and went with the one they recommend. Of course, it could be the power to the wall socket too. I can always use a quality power strip.

Here is a link for the new top-grade power strip:

Work went on, and there were more Zoom meetings. I finally decided it was the extended weekend, about 5ish.

Susie had the rest of her sandwich for dinner, and I grabbed a yogurt.

I went back to reading and napping a bit as I wanted to just rest and breathe: Winning Armageddon: Curtis LeMay and Strategic Air Command, 1948-1957. I am enjoying the book, but it is disturbing how easy LeMay and others thought about using nuclear weapons. Also, the author points out that LeMay is afraid and believes that the USA could be, for the first time, completely destroyed by an outside force. Therefore, to LeMay and many in the Air Force, it was critical to destroy the USSR’s ability to attack before a nuclear war began to save the USA. The book quotes secret memos, now available to the public in the reading room of the Library of Congress, that describe these policies and warn of the end of our way of life in the USA if we don’t build more atomic bombs and bombers. As the book is a reworked dissertation, there are full notes on sources. I might have to make a pilgrimage to read them myself. It is strange to read how the Cold War started; it was created by fear.

I started on Wayne Weld-Martin’s laptop. It is on its fifth restart and loading patch after patch. I am also charging it (not from the wonky power strip!). I have it loading all the patches and rebooting again. It will likely take hours. It is a slow system with a slow hard drive.

I started a new HBOMax series Warrior about Chinese folks in the 1800s in San Fransisco who are tough and fight. Maybe some wire-fu action. I will report back after a few episodes.

I bought my sister a rose to plant in Michigan. The Viking Queen is a cold climate rose developed for the midwest. A local grower sells specialty roses, including Viking Queen. Linda sent me a pic of the bloom. So today, a rose I picked out and in my sister’s garden.

I turned to this one and decided we should try it: Wind Who Makes All Winds That Blow.

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