Daily Blog July 23, 2021: First Day Off in a month

Sorry but this has to be this Saturday morning as I played three games at Richard’s house last night and then finished a 3D printing of a rocket for Space Race. I also started a Saturn V printing after finally angling the print so it would fit my printer.

Working backward, I got home just after midnight. I found my 3D printer was done with the rocket model for the newly arrived Kickstarter version of Space Race. The makers of the game released the 3D printing files for the rocket models. I want to paint the rockets, but getting a spare set makes it less of a risk.

I then carefully dismounted the print for the printer. The resin is toxic, so a mask, eye protection, and gloves are required. I then washed the model with alcohol. As the unhardened resin is toxic, I save the alcohol for next time.

I then cut the supports away; these are generated by the software that turns the design file into a printing file with snippers. These are one of my Xuron tools. They make stuff that always works–recommended.

I then, again with eye protection for UV, use a UV lamp to harden the print. Lightly sand a few spots, and paint it.

After that, I get the Saturn V printing. Ten hours as it takes all the heights.

Richard and I and Shana played Space Race together. This is the newest game in my collection, and it has been hard to learn. However, Richard thinks we will really like it once we get it down. I am hoping so as it was a long wait, and I invested in the full version. In this game, you play different space agencies, and you collect capabilities for your agency while supporting research and compete for breakthroughs. The game is card play building a set of winning cards and some placement of workers. It has nice art and cool rocket models.

Richard and I fought on for two more games. We played 7 Wonders Duel again. I scored better this time, but I missed the purple cards. Next time! This is a nearly pure resource management game with cards, money, and a few markers. It plays fast, and the rules are easy to follow. I did build four of the great wonders!

This version of the 7 Wonders game is the short two-person only version. Last weekend we played the full version with more players. Richard told me he likes the original better. This is fast, but you have to make decisions over and over. I like that.

Lastly, a new game for me. This one is a standalone version of Terraforming Mars: The Ares Expedition, but a different, faster, and less deep coverage of the same material. It was easy to learn, and Richard crushed me, but I did a least scare him in the start as I pulled ahead at first. I would say if you like a quicker game with the same theme, this is a good choice. If you love the original, this might now work for you. I thought it was an amazing rework of the original into a lighter and faster game.

Before this, I went to Wendy’s and got Susie a small chili and a frosty. She was still resting when I left for Richard’s. The traffic was a bit interesting, and it took me 45 minutes to get to Richard’s house. A bit slower.

I had taken the day off from the shoe company. I started on a project, a speaker-building project, but I was shocked to find I am missing some parts. So I decided to get the 3D printer going. I spent the day cleaning and setting up, and printing. It took a while as I had to remember how to do all of this 3D model splitting and update my software.

I could not sleep last night and started my day at 5AM. I did the laundry and picked up the house a bit. Then, I went and took a nap a few times as I was still tired.

I have to rush again this morning; I slept into 10:15ish! That is about all I have time for.

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