Daily Blog July 27, 2021: Tuesday

I started this morning at 7ish and read email and Slack messages. I got ready in time for the weekly meeting at 8:00. I then went for another three hours of Zoom meetings on mostly the status and alignment of some software changes.

I then skipped out, I meant to send out an email that I was out for a few hours, but I did not hit send on it (?!). I was done about 10ish with the morning stuff and wanted to walk. But the coughing was driving me crazy. So I instead headed to Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossings Mall in Beaverton. I walked around for a few hours, trying to get the kinks out of my legs and back. I found a few books, A New Orleans Travel book and Fresh Brewed Murder (a new author writing mysteries in Portland, and the book is signed), that I could not resist.

I also wanted to do some research for my stories on Howard, but the book I was looking for, not normal fare for a Kindle, was not on the shelf: 666 Crowley. I wanted to read more about this “wickedest man in the world” and self-proclaimed “Beast 666.” I ordered it when I got home for pick-up. Another excuse to head back to our local Powell’s.

The store had a mix of masked and unmasked customers and staff. Everyone was respectful and kept their distance. It was Tuesday morning, and the store was not busy. Half the folks in the stacks were employees. The online business has been going strong, and the employee I spoke to said they were happy to be busy and seeing healthy sales for the Cedar Hills Crossing store.

I then headed to Pastini, an Italian food chain, but this one is usually perfect. I was in about 11:30ish, and only a few folks were ahead of me. The one waiter, Rachel, was trying to look happy and bright as she had all the tables. There was, as usual, a manager delivering food and one person greeting and handling to-go chaos, which is the new lifeline for the surviving restaurants. I saw another waiter start about noon. I thanked Rachel for her handling all the tables. “Thanks, most people don’t even notice,” was her response before rushing off more orders to the kitchen.

My lunch, only $11 plus $2.50 for extra garlic bread, was a bit salty–there was a lot of pancetta in it. However, it was still good, just more meat than I expect in a Carbonara dish. As usual, I had a Tiramisu packaged for Susie to-go.

I returned home and offered Susie Tiramisu for her breakfast (she was tired and had trouble getting going this Tuesday). Susie had that with coffee, fair-trade liberal coffee where you pay extra to support the rain forests. She continued then to watch game shows and then the Olympics. Finally, I returned to work for a few more hours of Zoom calls. I managed to catch up without much difficulty.

Work finished about 4ish for me, and I made dinner. I defrosted the Angus burgers from Schwann’s and fried them in some butter (a sin). I drained off the fat with a spoon and fried them until a bit brown. I then added a slice of cheddar cheese to melt over the burgers. I steamed some frozen corn, Schwann’s, and served the burger just as it was with corn. It is a very American midwest meal. I wanted something smaller after the Italian for lunch. Susie was happy and even said it was good (high praise from her, the former food service manager, and retired registered dietician).

It is Christmas in July for many sales, so I turned to Once in Royal David’s City in the Methodist Hymnal and thought it would be good for today.

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