Daily Blog July 28, 2021: Wednesday

Working backward, I started to read Fresh Brewed Murder by a local author and set in a coffee cart in Portland. So far, it is adorable, but I expect it to hit Portland Weird any moment as the murder is somewhere after page 21, where I am now. I like it, and it reminds me of other West Coast writers. The words and story could be Seattle or in foggy San Francisco, but it is set on a rainy July day in Rose City.

I started to read after coming home with Susie in Air Volvo from the Golden Valley Brewery, where I had a steak salad. Mariah matched me and shared a 1/2 Wine Wednesday Bottle of a Malbec from Argentina. Susie had a ham and cheese that was as good as one can make a ham and cheese.

But, before getting home after dinner, Air Volvo signaled a low tire; yes, it monitors pressure on all the tires. I asked Air Volvo to recheck (using the touch screen to recheck), and it discovered the tires are fine. However, temperature changes can trick Air Volvo into a false read–I remember the previous Volvo getting the same warning on a cold day and me soaking wet putting air in the tires. I will be eyeing the tires and will have them checked when Air Volvo visits the Mother Ship in August. I always have my vehicles served and detailed in August, right after Nike bonus checks come out. My cars always seem to detect the bonus, and service lights come on, or they stop running. The cars can smell the bonus.

Dinner was nice, and Susie and I were the only ones with masks on getting into the restaurant. We were sitting outside, so there is no real risk.

The shoe company’s last meeting for me today was an all-employee Zoom meeting with thousands of folks listening to the CEO and some of the other folks that run Nike. Their focus was, as you can guess, the Olympics. So it was mostly a cheering meeting for our last earning (95% improvement!) and for the Olympics, which was nice, but we just re-org’d, and we are all trying to understand the changes.

Before this was more alignment meetings, and I took a short break.

Lunch was lamb kebobs at Gyro House and then a quick trip to Barnes and Nobles for an electronic magazine and another book on New Orleans. I am still considering a trip there, but air-flights are expensive (first class for Susie). Barnes and Nobles still do not have my fav wargaming mags. I asked, and they said the UK mags are just starting to come back. Maybe next month.

While at Gyro House I did get a few more paragraphs done of Howard’s Unlock story. I also corrected some wooden and confused writing. It is always relaxing to tell a story about Howard even if just to myself. I hope to find some time to spend a few hours advancing the story more. I also still have to edit some of his stories. Editing and reworking are never done!

The morning was Zoom meetings. I was trying to write a few slides on some architecture I am suggesting while listening to status and alignment meetings in the morning. I try to help and give some advice and follow along. However, I hate it when I get a question that I missed, and I have to ask them to repeat it. I don’t want to be that guy. I pay attention.

The morning started at 6:45ish as I wanted to get going.

Mister Lincoln flowered again. I love these red roses!

I had a meeting, unexpected, at 9:30 so I am late now writing this.

Later tonight, Emmeline Duncan, the author of Fresh Brewed Murder, tweeted me back after I tweeted that I liked the book so far. She was happy to learn I bought it at Powell’s. She signed it on Saturday! I am following her now and joined her newsletter. It is so exciting to read a murder mystery from a local writer that tweets back!

Getting late so I will stop there.

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