Daily Blog July 29, 2021: Jungle Cruise Release

I did oversleep this morning, but I had trouble sleeping and had only, even oversleeping, only four hours of sleep. It was a hard start. It made the hours of status and alignment meetings this morning very difficult. It is hard to not lose your focus when you are tired.

I slipped out and got another picture of Mister Lincoln in full bloom.

I had no crises, and then Susie startled me, I walked into the dark hallway with this owl flying at me. It was Susie in her Owl shirt. I took her to lunch, and we went to Sonics. I wanted my fav and my father’s and mother’s fav, a coney island with onions and cheese. Yes, they have a one-pound long dog. Susie had her usual plain cheeseburger.

We took Air Volvo home. No warning messages. I have scheduled a Spa visit to the Mothership today for Air Volvo in mid-August. I will go without a car. Like everywhere, the staffing and resources are not available–I would have to wait until September to get a loaner car! They will get me an Uber to get me home, and then I will be using Uber and like services for a few days.

After a few more hours of Zoom meetings and I was done for the week. I took Friday off this week too. The CEO gave folks Fridays off in July, but our project cannot afford the loss, so it is still running to some degree on Friday. I have no tasks this Friday; I will take the day.

I got a call from Dan Gray from the church. The pride flag is gone again. Oddly, a red plastic bag for holding a safety item was clipped in the place of the flag. Art? A bike chain is also locked onto the post that holds the flag. It is not connected to anything. I feel that someone was upset that the flag was missing and put what they could in its place to say they wanted it back. A square red flag is a storm warning.

I put the red bag folded below the flag, allowing it to be reclaimed. I put on my replacement pride flag on the old pole. The pole is old; it waved my USA flag through the pandemic until my flag ripped in the wind. I have a metal pole and a new flag now. I tested that the pole was still strong enough by waving the flag. I resisted singing Le Miserable, Just One More Day.

From there, I took Susie to the Movie. The Rock stars in the new Disney movie: River Cruise. Emily Blunt manages to help Rock all but re-make a mummy or Raiders of the Lost Ark movie but Amazon River-based story set in 1916. It was entertaining, and its villain is WWI son of the Kaiser with his own U-boat! The movie stalls when too focused on The Rock and is then revived by Emily Blunt’s character.

We tried Century Theater for the first time in more than 15 months! Some of the staff was masked. But, all were friendly and happy to help. I left my phone in the theater, and they brought it to me.

Back to the movie, Susie liked it. She thought it was fun and it had some old gags in it. The terrible jokes always said on Disney’s boring River Cruise become a running joke throughout the whole movie. Even some lame special effects are demonstrated by The Rock at the start of the movie on his tourist cruise that starts the movie. I was laughing through much of the movie. Recommended as good entertainment.

We finished the night with a late fast-food fest from McDonald’s.

It is already late. I will stop there.

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