Daily Blog July 30: Too Much Heat Friday

I took Friday off, and Susie was ready about 12:30ish to on me for lunch. So I decided, forgetting it is 95F+, that we were going to Portland for lunch and shopping.

I had started the morning by sleeping into 8ish, logging into Nike, putting on my out-of-office, and doing my timesheet. I found the kitchen a wreck, and so did all the dishes and had breakfast. I then scanned in some documents and sent them to the New York Times reporter. I will not put much about that here. As has a few other historians, the reporter has found one of my late relatives very interesting.

I drove Air Volvo through a surprisingly congested Beaverton and hit more slow traffic on 26 to get to Portland. I have been trapped in the Friday post-lunch traffic jams before.

We made it to the Broadway Grill, but parking was hard. Finally, I managed to find a spot only two blocks away near a church and some homes not yet turned into businesses or rents. Susie walked about halfway, and I pushed her, sitting on her walker the rest of the way.


The folks at the grill were friendly, and we soon had two cold beers. Mine was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Red, and Susie had raspberry wheat. I ordered the Italian Grinder, and Susie had a ham and pineapple small pizza. Our drinks came fast, but there was a long wait for food. Again, I suspect they, like all food joints, are having trouble getting cooks and staff.

I pushed Susie back to the car. It was hot, and I found it a difficult task.

I then drove Air Volvo to Cargo, a strange store with an altar to RGB’s memory and other Portland-Weird items. They also sell some nice imports from Asia. The shirts often work for Susie. Susie was a bit overwhelmed by the store and walked a short distance and then just sat in her walker. She has been here a few times.

I saw the light as very shinny. Every muscle hurt. It was painful to move. I had rolled Susie to the Cargo and helped her get up the stairs. The AC in Cargo helped, but I was not feeling well.

I bought a little wind chime and then used the elevator to leave. Unfortunately, a train came and was between us and the car. I waited ten minutes sitting on a hot jersey barrier near the tracks. I then managed to reach the car, hot inside now, drive Air Volvo to the store, get Susie in, and head home.

At home, I went to bed with the AC on and was ill the rest of the night. However, I am feeling better this morning. But I know you have to just wait it out and stay cool and not move a lot.

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