Daily Blog August 5, 2021: Smoke Colored Thursday

The morning started with me ignoring my alarm and finally getting going at 7ish. The day is bright but yellow. The smoke is in the valley and changes the bright colors and changes to be more yellow. The air quality is still good. I can smell just a hint of smoke.

I started on email and Slack messages at 7ish and managed to get dressed and cleaned up in time for my first Zoom meeting. I had five hours of Zoom scheduled this morning, but some ended early.

I read the terrifying report from Violet Blue on the Covid-19 breakout. I subscribe to her report for an early version; you can find it on Twitter. With the smoke and the bad news about Covid-19, I ordered my lunch from Grubhub, Don Chilitos Mexican Grill. I was sad not to go out, but there is no reason to risk the smoke and the virus.

Work continued the afternoon with hours of more meetings. About 1/2 of them canceled, and so I was free.

I made potato skins with cheese and bacon for dinner from Schwann’s. Susie likes it, and I had managed to have two boxes of it in the freezer. So I baked two boxes worth, enough for all of us.

I would head to the movies tonight for the new movies. But I am unsure if it would be safe with the smoke and the apparently more contagious and possibly more deadly delta variant in a full explosion here in Oregon. Washington County, where we live, is one of the few counties in Oregon that are not at “high risk.” So I will be on the sidelines again, watching and staying safe.

The county and local government are not setting any standards. However, the bars and food joints in Portland are joining to have no-vax no-entry rules. Proof of vaccination will be required soon to enjoy Portland’s nightlife.

This Sunday, I may travel to the coast to meet The Smiths, who I have not seen in a year. With the exploding delta issues, I will drive out and back on the same day. I have done that a few times.

I am starting to work on some figures again. I am cleaning up my work area after building the hell war machine. I fixed a broken figure yesterday by drilling and pinning it to a base. I will paint the base after painting the base with primer. I usually use spray-on primer, but I will hand paint the base as the figure is already painted this time.

Holy Spirit Dwell in Me was a song I found when I was looking for something else. I liked it.

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