Daily Blog August 4, 2021: Just a normal day

Last night the smoke was starting to show in the valley. The air quality is still good, but the bad smoke is already in the southern valley. Eugene, Oregon, is already in the yellow for air quality. We can still make out Mount Hood, and the Coastal Mountain Range is hard to see with the white smoke.

Last night I also found a squirrel sitting on the ground opening hazelnuts. The squirrels plant the nuts, wait for them to germinate, and then eat the sprouted meat. Not sure if they plan it this way or if it just happens. They leave little piles of broken nuts with sprouted leaves on the ground. I refer to them as squirrel circles. Not as cool as the wheat circles found across the county, but still a by mysterious. Do the squirrels farm the nuts?

It was in the 90F+ today and sunny with a nearly impossible 6% of rain.

I managed a bit more sleep, and my breathing is better. Today I was a bit busier at work as more items need solutions. I started at 7ish and managed to be ready for the Zoom meetings starting at 8 and enjoying hours more of the meetings.

Between meetings, I managed to redo the paperwork for my 25th work anniversary. I get five weeks off and other items. Our big project changed its plans and thus mine too revised back to the original dates.

I also had some caregiving for Susie as she took a shower while I helped. Again, between meetings. Everything went as normal. Susie only showers when I can be there to help.

Wall Street has fallen in love with brand names, and my Nike stock has hit levels I could never imagine. Wall Street believes in strong names and deep pockets. Nike has a lot of cash. Like many famous names, Nike’s stock structure prevents a takeover from raiding the cash.

I drove to Burger King and had a whopper with cheese and bacon. Oh my, that was good. Susie had just breakfast late, so she had dinner later.

While listening to meetings, I chopped onions, carrots, and potatoes. Then, I made a goulash-like stew from a German Cookbook that Michael Giessner’s parents gave me for Christmas years ago. Then, again, listening to the Zoom meeting. I was glad there were no questions for me. I was crying quite a lot from the onions!

I am going to stop there as I have already lost one set of updates.

A normal day.

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