Daily Blog Aug 2-3, 2021: Health Issues

I spoke to the doctor today, and my health issues are not as serious as they seemed last night. I have more tests and procedures to follow, but my main concern from the doctor is my breathing. The doctor may change my meds after the labs. I am to use my inhaler more and measure improvements with a flow meter.

Because of the unexpected illness, I took last night off and just read and tried to relax. The nurse said if things get worse, they did not, to head to the ER. So that kind of message slows you down and has you take it very easy.

Yesterday I did work online and tried to help where I can. I am fatigued, and it is hard to do much. I started with 7ish and starting the normal long haul of Zoom status and alignment meetings.

I had cold KFC for lunch and just followed along as best as I could yesterday. The day was full of process and reading emails and messages.

For dinner, keeping to going slow, I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for Susie and me. I fry them in butter and then dribble in some water on the hot pan to make steam to melt the cheese and heat up the ham. Otherwise, you can burn the bread and still have cold ham. You have to balance the water, so you don’t wet the bread too much. The butter will protect the sandwich from the water as long as you don’t flood the pan.

I read most of Fresh Brewed Murder, a murder mystery set in food carts in Portland, last night. It is a familiar writing style and location. It is light fair but still fun to read.

Today, I started a bit before 7ish. Unfortunately, I did not sleep well as I was keyed up by worry, and just laying around all evening did not wear me out. We had a celebration meeting and 8 that overlapped my doctor call set for 8:20. As usual, the doc was 40 minutes late.

He believes I will be OK and told me to tell Susie the same; he is our doctor, and I often attend Susie’s appointments. He knows she would be unhappy with me ill. So he is ordering more tests and believes we can work out what is happening. But, again, he thinks it is asthma-related.

Work was more Zoom meetings and quite a few surprises today. We have left the data conversions and are now setting up all the fixes and tests for the next data conversion in late August and September. I have many emails on finding and test results and corrections today instead of endless status meetings. I was covering architectural issues and some coding issues–nice to be back to real issues.

I also slipped out for lunch to BJ’s Brewhouse. There I had spaghetti and meatballs with a salad. I got to-go ribs for Susie and for dinner tonight. Everyone was back into masks, and there was a note that masks were required again. I could sit at the bar, and so I did.

Danny, a pony-tailed blond, was the bartender, and I thank her for the efforts. “It is a privilege to eat here,” I said. I believe that just getting to eat in a bar in a pandemic is more than I could hope for. I told her that I had heard that it was hard. She told me she has customers going off on her, and some even dropped food on her shoes because she did not clear their table fast enough. Again, I thank her and the manager for their work.

Work continued with more findings and more questions for me to answer. I also took a break as I get tired sometimes. I stopped about 4ish.

I finished the Fresh Brewed Murder today. Again, very light fair compared to the dark crime I usually read. I would recommend it for a pool, flight, or just something to relax with. The second book should be out in a few months.

I am tired again. I think I will stop there. Sorry I had to skip Monday.


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