Daily Blog Catch-up 9-10Aug2021

I am trying to get caught up on the blog. So I again will try to skip the less interesting items like what was for lunch. A year ago or so, I was still getting questions about how safe it is to get food delivered.

Monday was a day off for me, and I decided to try to sleep in. I managed to sleep until 8:30ish. Then, I was up and made a light breakfast and read emails, and tried to ignore the dishes in the sink. I was almost out of clean clothing, but I also resisted doing laundry on my day off.

I found an old Doctor Who I could not have seen before. The BBC in the 60s erased shows instead of keeping a copy. Thus many episodes are lost. For $2, I could buy a re-recreation of an old 1967 show. Apparently, a voice-only recording was available, and this was combined with computer-based animation to reconstruct the show. The sets are recreated from photos and other records.

The show has many episodes, and watching them used up the whole morning. It is at best an acquired taste as these episodes were made 50 years ago. They are more like soap operas than SciFi. I enjoyed the show and was watching how they recreated the screen to match the sounds. It was fun, but again you have to really like Doctor Who to watch this.

I made my lunch and got Susie her lunch.

I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner, and we watched the news for a bit.

I attended the Social Action meeting for the church at 7ish. I have never been able to attend as I usually have a Dungeons and Dragons online game on Monday nights. I have a new flag for them, a gay pride flag with a diamond shape with more colors to represent the trans and other communities. I just learned about this flag and have one now for the church.

I called Dan Gray after the meeting to ask about how to fly or mount the new flag. We are still trying to work that out. We plan to keep flying the original pride flag also.

I managed to slip in a bit of rest here and there as I still tire easily on Monday.

Tuesday morning started at 6:30 in the morning, and back to work. I started by putting on music and doing all the dishes, three days worth.

Next, while listening to Zoom meetings, I did the laundry. I have not folded it yet. That will likely be during Wednesday morning meetings.

I had hours of status meetings and alignment meetings. I also had to read a few days of emails and Slack messages. I did this between chores and while listening.

At 10AM, all the meetings stopped for a bit. I am feeling better as some of my health issues are starting to go away. The actions I am taking have positive results. Thusly, I went for a 30-minute walk to help get my legs to feel better and help my breathing. Use or lose it!

More status meetings and then lunch.

Lamb kabobs for lunch at Gyro House. Their AC is working in the 90+ heat. So I do more reading on my laptop while drinking iced tea, unsweated. It was a nice break.

Another meeting, and I am free of meetings. And that is good as the exhaustion starts. I have overdone it a bit.

I order Chinese delivered from Taste of Sichuan. Their food is better than most of our local places.

I am feeling better, but the work, excise, and house chores have made me tired. A good tired. I think I will stop here.

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