Daily Blog August 12-13, 2021: Thursday Yellow and Fix-it Friday

I decided to write this blog the next morning after taking out the trash and breathing in all the smoke without a mask and was then very tired. So, I will be more careful today. But, the air is, why yellow, is not a hazard.

The day started with starting at 6:30ish and me doing the normal stuff of getting up, catching up on work and my home email, and then reading the status and other information at work in various slack channels. The morning was dullish, with the smoke already making everything yellowish.

I had hours of status meetings in Zoom to cover status and various other issues. We had a build in the morning, and I helped with some of the planning. It was a bit old school, and we found our way.

The afternoon was a few more meetings and taking a short rest. I tire easily now.

The smoke was in the valley, and I was often coughing.

I had Mexican food delivered again by Grubhub. The delta variant and the smoke kept me indoors today. It is no longer about overcoming fear but surviving again!

I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for Susie and me.

I had a theology pub meeting in Zoom (we used to meet at a bar–most folks have a drink while on the Zoom meeting), and we talked about religion and the problems of inclusivity and elitism. Much of the discussion was about how to include and how the “elect” or the belief in elitism (that you are right with God or gods and others are not) impacts how people see religion and, in our case, how it impacts a group of Methodists. We did not find many answers on Thursday night, but being inclusive seems a start.

After that, I read and then slept.

Friday started at 6:30ish with me not getting dressed as I read lots of emails and status and even attended a status meeting. Today is bonus day at Nike, so my bonus showed in my bank account. I paid off some small debts, and my only debt is the house loan for a few moments.

I managed to slip out of the meetings and shower and dress. I then helped solve a break and looked at a few other issues.

I finally broke away from work to get some chores done. Then, I had a haircut at Zeriada’s, and now with the mask mandates back and smoke, I was wearing an N95 mask. I also have to call to get the door open as the place is fully locked.

After the haircut, I drove back and picked up the prescriptions waiting for Susie and me. RiteAid had called me with a recording to come and get them. They also have flu shots. So I had one. I learned that I was the first person to get the shot at this RiteAid. The pharmacist has given me many inoculations over the years.

I watched work email and the Slack channels on my iPhone, and nothing was an issue.

I rested and read a new book: The Cthulhu Casebooks – Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows. It is a reworking of the Holmes story rewriting the first story and explaining why one character disappeared in the original stories; something I had wondered about.

Mariah is back in town and text and called, suggesting having some beer.  So we celebrated bonus day by having dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse. Everyone was back to masks again. The AC was working well, and we had a nice dinner with drinks.

I ordered a double gin and tonic. Surprisingly, Susie’s drink was delivered as a double while mine was the normal size! But, of course, Susie took a nap when we got home.

There is now a fire burning in the coastal mountains, and they are white with smoke now.

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