Weekend Blog August 14-15: Unexpected

I started Saturday with not being able to sleep and was up in time for a meeting for the shoe company and did the dishes and laundry that had stacked up for a few days.

The light was yellow again Saturday morning from the fires. The smoke also covered the coastal mountains as a small fire started on the coastal forest was also burning over the weekend (it is out now).

I finally got back to painting some figures. All my joints would hurt, undoubted the results of the flu shot, during the day. The pain would just move around all day. I did manage to paint a bit of the Scooby Do figures. This is the second set I have painted from Hassel Free Miniatures. I have a couple miniature companies in the UK where I can purchase miniatures that are knock-offs of a movie and so on. There is a Trojan Bunny out there I have yet to get from Studio Miniatures (that is where I purchased a Lara Croft look-a-like miniature).

Evan contacted me and let me know he would be late.

I did more painting and chores. Then, I mailed my copy of Fresh Brewed Murder to mom. I think she would like the light story. The next book in the series will be out soon.

Evan was finally here at 3PM. He took a quick shower, and then we headed to Mexican for lunch and then just one game at The 649 Taproom. The gals were running the taps, and they had a small but constant crowd. Everyone was back to masks, but I noticed that some guests did not follow social distancing. The staff was also changing their stances by guest; farther from me but closer to other folks showing less attention to safety processes.

Evan lost just by three points in our board gameplay of The Lost Ruins of Arnak. So we included my new 3D replacement parts. The game looked a bit better with less cardboard. I ordered the new parts on Esty, and they came by mail on Saturday. The mailman came to my door and asked if I was Michael Wild, and when I said I was, he then signed the package for me and handed me the mail while trying to keep our distance.

After the game, we only played one game as it was already 6:30ish. We returned home and watch the movie John Wick and then Svengoolie’s take on 1959 The House on Haunted Hill. This is one of my fav old horror movies with Vincent Price, lots of drinking, and some great lines. The ending is not that good, but the original had a skeleton fly out of the screen and scare the audience. This movie created the mythos around the haunted house that created so many movies later.

We ordered Pizza Hut while we watched all the movies. I managed to get to bed a bit early. Unfortunately, the pizza and I did not enjoy each other.

I overslept and missed the 8:30 meeting, and decided that church was not happening today. I was tired, and well, I was having some issues that made it clear to stay home. I was often resting today because of the issues.

I made cream scones, peaches, and cream styled from a mix, King Arthurs.

Susie slept late and then had caregiving that took the rest of the early afternoon. I, too, was having issues that best not be described. I had to do the laundry and remake the beds. I grilled hamburgers for lunch with corn on the side–I love corn. No buns, just a bit of cheddar on the burgers.

I ordered groceries online, and those were delivered this early evening.

I fell asleep while reading. I dreamed I was watching a movie. I did not want to sleep as I had dinner to make and dreamed of turning off the movie! Yes, I dreamed I was sitting in front of my Apple trying to stop the movie. I did awake with my hand moving on the bed as if it was a touchpad!

I made dinner using Schwann’s Chicken Cordon Blu, baked.  Schwann’s green beans were microwaved first, then in a hot pan, butter cooked some garlic and almonds I sliced up, added the beans, and wilted them. This adds a lot to frozen beans. Finally, I made rice in broth as a starch side.

I prep’d some Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons material for my Monday game (Roll20 is an online site that allows you to play D&D paper and pencil style, but automated and over the Internet). I have purchased some new material from a different source and fantasy universe. I usually stick to the standard 5E (i.e., Fifth Edition, the current version of Dungeons and Dragons). But, there is nothing left for the current power level of the characters in the standard material from the makers of 5E. So, I decided to try something from the Burning Sky campaign. This is a giant 5E campaign you can buy and play in Roll20 with revised 5E rules and settings. I can make it work with my usual approach to keep the details of gods, religions, and settings in the deep background and focus on the players instead. You know, if you, as DM, have to read and explain things for more than a few minutes, something is going wrong. I hope my players can enter the war and help the Rebel Alliance defeat the fallen empire by destroying the empire’s superweapon (why does that sound familiar?).

Well, that is about as far as I can get tonight. I am already beyond my normal timeboxing of 90 mins. I hope that these blogs are interesting and you enjoy them.

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