Weekday blog Aug. 16, 2021: Workday

Susie had some trouble getting to sleep, but I did manage to sleep once she got settled. It is always hard to start at 6:30 with only five hours of sleep, but that is a typical Monday now. So off to get the work week started by reading emails and Slack channel text messages. I was able to get breakfast and cleaned up in time for the first meeting.

I was late for many of the following meetings as there were many crises of the moment and also wrote an email on my Apple computer about the risk of the delta-variant for my church. I summary of the facts as I understand them. All of this had me late for status meetings.

The project is getting hotter, and I see some panic. This is usual as we are just a few months from the final build, and there are many issues. This, too, is normal, but we have many new people, and leadership seems uneasy.

I ordered out for lunch. No more going out to lunch with delta-variant exploding in Oregon. Instead, I had Grubhub bring me a Monta Cristo sandwich from the French place, La Provence, at Orenco Station. It was lovely.

Susie was up in the early afternoon, and I got her breakfast, water for her pills, and coffee.

I had a few discussions online at the shoe company. Finally, the crises of the moment stopped, and I had a quiet afternoon. I rested a bit.

I also called my health care provider to explain why my doctor’s appointment for Tuesday is not covered. The doctor’s office called me to check my insurance was still the same. The agent said that should not be a problem and would call the doctor’s office. I told them I need to see the doc and please stop the shenanigans. I see doc early on Tuesday, and I hope this is all fixed by then.

I made a salad for dinner, a chef styled with many veggies, cheese, and some lunch meats. I made cold roast beef and swiss sandwich for Susie.

We tried to play a new campaign in Roll20 today, but the material is not working. The maps, the most important part for the players, are completely dark. Roll20 has a new lighting system, and somehow this content is set to be dark. I will see if I can fix it. But, we could not play much today. A waste.

I called Dan Gray, and we talked about the choices for our church. We feel in our hearts we want the truth to be different, but the facts suggest that it is more dangerous now to have the church open than before. So the path forward is hard.

Today the skies here are clear and the light white again, not yellow with smoke. The temperatures are lower. We left the AC off and opened the front door to catch a little breeze.

My roses are still blooming even in the dry heat. You can see the photos a bit of fade, but still, they are nice.

This is a Japanese-styled rose that is nearly indestructible. Even salt tolerant.

This rose is bleached almost white by the heat and sun and is about 1/2 sized but still nice. There is also a tiny garden spider hiding in it that is not in the photo.

I will see if I can recover the Roll20 content or ask the Roll20 to refund (that usually gets their attention). We may try the Call of Cthulu role-playing game in Roll20 if the Dungeons and Dragons content is not an easy fix.

I have hit my time limit. So I will stop there. I hope you enjoy the blog!

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