Daily Weekday Blog post Aug 17, 2021: Tuesday with Tests

This Tuesday started with me ignoring the shoe company and headed to an early doctor’s appointment. I have some issues, and more appointments and more tests are required. It is also troubling that my labs are getting worse; I was hopeful that some practical changes would improve my status. No.

So the morning was spent getting up and have breakfast, and then driving to the doc’s office. There I enjoyed more blood work, and more appointments are now planned.

Everyone was masked, and my doctor never took off his mask and carefully washed his hands after the exam. Everyone had eye protection too. This is an upgrade, and I was happy to see it.

I drove back directly in Air Volvo and returned to work. A few crises of the moment and required meetings flowed. I tried to catch up and then help.

Susie was awake, and seeing that my calendar was oddly clear around lunch, I offered lunch and a visit to Powell’s Books in Cedar Mills Crossing Mall. That got Susie going, and we managed to make it to Powell’s before noon.

Again, masks are required. The statues of owls and cats are also wearing masks again. The staff was all carefully masked, most double-masked. Social distancing was followed by staff and customers. We had KN95s on. Doc recommended that we use those now that delta-variant is back and so easy to catch.

Susie was looking for Vortex, a new Karen Coulter novel that just was published. They were sold-out. We managed to order a copy to be picked up later in the week.

I found the huge, nearly three-inch-thick Radical Mycology by a local author, Peter McCoy. This book is an attempt by the author to present his knowledge and learnings on growing and understand mushrooms and their like. Susan’s father was a published mycologist, so she is also interested. I have always liked this area of study, but I love it when someone creates a carefully thought-out work and not just random links on the Internet. This book is meant to be the go-to book for working in fungi.

We had lunch at the Italian chain place nearby, a fav of mine, but today the food was not as good. Usually, it is a step above generic Americanized Italian, but not today. Pastini’s was not that great.

Back home and I spent the rest of the day online working for Nike. The last meeting ended at 5ish.

Susie’s new Nike shirt came today. I had to pay full price to get it. It is a Just Do It with Bugs Bunny. She loved it.

I did receive a Kickstarter game today: Empire of the Stars. This is the second edition of an older game, and I have been waiting for it for a year. The pandemic and the snarl that is logistics from China delayed it by more than six months. This is another 4x game (EXplore, EXpand, EXploit and EXterminate) that is a bit between the monster empire-building Twilight Imperium and the extreme mind-numbing-low-level detail of Eclipse. All of these games are in new versions in the last few years. All are improved.

Reviewing the rules of Empires of the Stars, this game has fewer moving parts than the above-mentioned games. It also has a different turn structure that seems to fit a fast-moving game. The two-hour reported length of the game is a surprise for 4X. It is also very colorful but uses tiny plastic ships and other markers. The trend is larger. They have also removed the technology tree structures in many space games and added some random card events that feel like Scythe, another recently made 4x game. The game feels like mixing only the best parts of these other 4x games to produce a faster game.

A flaw, the game has no storage solution built-in. So I will have to stuff it in bags. I decided not to punch it today as I did not have enough good bags to hold the different items. Now games come with a storage solution built-in or at least some plastic bags. No bags. That is already getting comments from reviewers, not happy ones.

I think the game will be fun. As you play, you get chits for doing something that you then deposit in a box in the shape of a throne appropriate for the ruler of the galaxy. This is kept secret until the game ends when someone runs out of open chits. An interesting rule I have not seen in a 4X game. The unique turn order will also have all the players keeping their attention on the other players. No playing Candy Crush on your phone while you wait!

Well, I am out of time and have a migraine headache, and as I said, lab results have depressed me.

I hope you enjoy the blog and like my little review

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