Daily Blog August 18, 2021: Wednesday with New Labs

My doctor has new prescriptions and plans and told me not to panic. I am dizzy and tire easily, and my labs match this. There are simple treatments and side effects to be mitigated. I wrote a message to my doc, and he replied today. We agreed in the last appointment to operate this way, by message.

Returning to today, I started at 6:30ish as usual and was very tired and got the coffee going. I read the initial emails and Slack messages to get a feel for the day.

I was clean and shiny for my first meeting at 8, a stand-up. This was followed by a status meeting and then a planning meeting.

The planning meeting started with the leaders of the meeting thanking everyone for all the hard work and acknowledging that it was not getting easier. Our work is harder, and there is more and more while we live through re-orgs and the pandemic. So it was really nice that someone said that and said, in fact, we know it is hard, and we will keep going; we have to.

More meetings and lab results. I ordered lunch in including all red meat in my lunch to help.

Susie got going, and I got her started with breakfast and coffee.

I was dizzy and tired by the afternoon. Eating is now hard work. I read a bit and sleep a bit. My phone is with me and will wake me if anyone needs anything. I check it every hour or more often anyway.

A few more status and alignment meetings. Many the same subject over and over. The last meeting was chaotic as we are now starting the real work of data conversions after getting the systems built. It is always a strange moment when the work goes from being something you have planned for months to the actual execution. I am excited to see it start again. Slack channels are burning up with updates!

I finished the last meeting at about 5ish. I made Schwann’s Porkchop (with bone) with little red potatoes and the last of the frozen Schwann corn niblets. I boiled the taters for about 30+ minutes and then added them to the pan I fried the Porkchops in. I cooked the chops in butter with herbs. I then put the pan with the red potatoes into a 350F oven for 15 mins. I should have stopped there. I put them back in for 5 more mins after salting the taters. I should have salted the taters and stuck to the 8-10 mins. Next time!

After the cooking and cleaning up, and serving, I was exhausted, and the house temp rose to above 75 (AC is off). I was dizzy and falling down tired. I need to be more careful!

Lastly, I put out the trash and found the ants had located the trash. And there was the biggest silver dollar-sized (including the tiny legs) spider apparently pick-off the ants. Not my fav type of ant control. I let her, Charlotte–yes, we have a name for the giant spiders that appear in our garage, alone as I did not want to chase her while dizzy.

I plan to clean the garage, but I wait until the rains start. Unfortunately, I usually find two or more Charlotte spiders when I do that. So I try to get them outside alive.

I will pick up my meds on Thursday and start the recovery process and side effect management. I have also ordered more groceries delivered. I am cutting my exposure to crowds again.

That is about all the time I can give for this today. Thanks for reading.

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