Daily Blog Thursday and Friday, 19-20Aug

Working backward, we just got home, Susie and I, from the Spaghetti Factory. After watching the real fun and even intellectually interesting movie Free Guy at our local Regal Theater, we went there for dinner. I was not expecting Susie to like the movie, and I had to describe some of the ScfFi artificial intelligence called out in the movie to Susie over dinner. Machine Learning is a current hobby for me.

Before this, I was reading and checking in off and on with the data conversions at the shoe company. I helped get some clarity that we have already lost two days in the schedule. So So I cannot comment much more here other than to say that the obvious is often missed. I am frustrated.

I did slip out for an hour to Powell’s Book to get Susie’s book, Vortex. We ordered it and had a copy of Ms. Coulter’s newest book sent to Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s location there for pick-up. While there, I also found a nice history book by one of my fav authors, Ross King. This new book, The Bookseller of Florence, had me with just the title. These are my fav type of stories. I was shocked at the $30 price, but I like to read the footnote and references and I cannot do that on a Kindle version (which is likely on a few buck cheaper too), so I payed the going rate. The bookseller saw my shock, I usually find used copies, and explained to me that new books are in this price range now. For those who love history, I recommend a used copy of Brunelleschi’s Dome by the same author. It is a masterful telling of the history.

I started Friday with the french toast cassrole that I made last night getting put in the oven. I also made some links. Both in a hot oven. I had it backed and ready before 7:30ish and so was showered and shiny for my first meeting.

The hours of Zoom status is started again at 8 now for the new data conversions.

On Thursday night I went to bed after making the french toast cassrole. It was just above average and needs some rework.

Still going backward, we met Mariah at the pizza place. We were the only gray-haired folks there. As we were there late, dinner at 7ish, we found ourselves in the bar with lots and lots of young unmasked and well dressed, if not scantily glad, folks. Social distancing was being a bit ignored, but as Susie and I counted as old folks in this crowd they avoided getting too close. Less afraid of catching Covid-19 than getting scolded by their elders.

The staff, the usual folks, had not seen us in a while and all but gave us hugs (very strange to be touched by someone in a N95 mask). We had dinner with Susie having chips and dip (she had a late lunch because I forgot to make her something until she reminded me), me a hamburger, and Mariah a pizza.

Our waiter told us to limit any complexity on our orders as the cooking staff was still learning how to make a burger or a sandwich. We had noticed, like many local places, that the menu was reduced. My burger was good and well prepared even with a bit extra pink. I had been warned. All the rest of the food and drinks were well done.

Before this I was working at home, as usual, on-line in hours of Zoom calls. More status calls and alignment calls. I did have to take a few breaks and rest. I tire easily.

I started the day about 6:30ish. I started on all my new pills and processes.

Well I am running late again. I think I will stop there. I hope you enjoy the story.



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