Daily Blog August 24, 2021: Tuesday with Beer (again)

Susie had a nightmare and woke me up, and I had disturbed sleep. Thusly, 6:30 came unwelcome this morning. However, my first meeting was at 7:30, and thus I had to start early; no sneaking in 30 more minutes and rushing. I was showered and shiny clean and had my camera on for the 7:30 meeting.

My first meeting was with my old team that is developing the shoe company’s main accounting and fulfillment system. I am now doing integration, data, and data conversions, which gets me into enough trouble without returning to my old haunts. But, since I was invited, I helped the architects and business folks work out the issue. So, I was welcomed back much like an honored guest. It was nice to see I could still handle the shipping side of the software. All on Zoom as usual.

After that, I had hours of status meetings, again in Zoom. I had breakfast through those meetings and took all my medications. That is quite a process now, but I am careful to follow the same flow each time.

New problems arose in my health. My legs gave out, and I caught myself on the table. A very nasty surprise! This happened three times this morning and then stopped. I had unhappy visions of needing a walker or cane!

I remembered later that the pushing of Susie seated on the walker means I have to push while leaning a bit. I put a kink in my thighs. I need to be more careful. I had pushed Susie a lot on Monday and Saturday. Got to stretch that out!

My other health issues are a bit better. But, the disturbed sleep left me tired. I took 1/2 of a Benadryl tablet (a whole one will put me out) as my allergies are running harsh. This made me very relaxed, and I had trouble paying attention to the often really boring status details. I took a break when the morning status meetings finally ended at 10:15 and was out like a light!

I reawoke at lunchtime, feeling much better; the allergies impacts had retreated. I made chili dogs for lunch and made enough for Corwin when he got going around 2ish. Susie was up late too and had oatmeal for breakfast/lunch.

During lunch, I watched videos on how to play my new game Ankh. This game is mostly a worker placement game, but I also think there are some Euro-styled engine building. One of the videos I watch was a play-through of a whole two-person game. I could only enjoy about 1/2 of it. I caught their mistakes and misplays on the video; I think I have the basics down.

I returned to work, more status and emails. I slipped out to drive Corwin to work and then stopped by Rainy Day Games, our local gaming store. I picked up some desert yellow spray paint. This is an Army Painter product and can be used as an undercoat too. I decided to paint a few basic items in Ankh already.

Mariah sent a text that she wanted to meet for a beer and more. So we decided on the Wood Fired Rock Pizza. Susie decided to go, and we met there.

I sent a note that I would miss the last status meeting.

We enjoyed some food and beers. An early start. We watched shift change as we were early and headed out while the night was still young. The staff is wearing masks, and masks are worn when headed to and from tables by the customers. I feel safe still.

I returned home and cleaned out Air Volvo of our stuff and some trash. I deliver the vehicle to the mothership tomorrow for a two-day fix and clean treatment. Once a year, I have our car checked, everything fixed and detailed to the max. Due to the strangeness of the times, they have no loaner car (unless I wanted to wait another three weeks) for me. I will have to rely on Uber and friends for two days.

I then painted the plastic 3D action markers for Ankh and washing the tiny camel pieces that I will paint soon. The action markers are not painted in the set, and they need to match the color to be useful. The cardboard versions are colorful, and I am trying to match them. It was the first thing I saw I needed to improve. I have already decided to paint the set. The desert yellow undercoat is already in use!

I am still tired, but I will try to paint a bit more. I hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading!

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