Daily blog August 23, 2021: Monday Back to Work

The morning was here too soon. I managed to get going about 7ish and was dressed and cleaned up for my first Zoom meeting at 8. Unfortunately cUnfortunately, coffee was not enough this morning, and I took a break around 10ish.

Moving to the end of the day and going backwards, Safeway delivered my groceries at 8PM. A couple of items were out-of-stock. I did manage to drop the eggs and lost three; I picked up the plastic bag, and the eggs just seemed to flip out of the bag. The rest of the items I managed to put away without mishaps.

Before this, I was reading the rules to a new Kickstarter game finally delivered after waiting two years, Ankh. This is a dudes-on-a-board style board game from the same designer of Blood Rage and Rising Sun. It is stuffed with amazing figures cast in hard plastic, all ancient Egyptian themes. Like all of these games, it is a visual feast.

I am still just reading the rules and trying to remember how to play. I watched videos a long time ago. We might play it this weekend. I also have Empire of the Stars that arrived this week. So many games; so happy! I have already decided to start painting this game. I never painted my copy of Rising Sun. All of Blood Rage is painted. I will start with the base game.

We meet Mariah at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We watched football, preseason, and had wings and things. We discovered that Duvel is on tap there and enjoyed the fine Belgium ale. A fav beer for me.

Everyone was masked at BWW and being careful. The only strange item is that while waiting in line for a table, folks do not do social distancing. I have seen this before.

Work ended about 5ish with more status meetings. I spent the day following the progress and helping with three or four crises of the moment that happened. I did even have a meeting with my boss, Zooming, about some of the unpleasant events of the weekend. He is concerned and doing what he can.

I am tired, and I will stop there. Thanks again for reading.

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